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Places to visit for vacations if you love history and seashores.

Updated on March 11, 2015

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is my favorite place for vacations. The reason why is that I can do all of my favorite sports there, enjoy the weather and sightseeing.

Different sports there:

I love scuba diving, horse-riding and sailing. The Red Sea is the best for divers. Divers from all over the world coming to Sharm El Sheikh to see beautiful underwater coral reefs and gardens and the variety of species of different fishes. The water is very clean there. The underwater world there is so colorful and bright! My favorite place for scuba diving is Ras El Mohammed Bay. I can compare it only with Port Cairns in Australia. Arabic horses are the best for racing and riding. They are not so tall, they are 1.50-153 sm in the neck height.With slim bones and thin skin these beautiful animals will fly you away. I am fascinated by the desert as much as by the sea. It has mystery in it. I love to meet sunset or the sunrise on a back of the horse in the desert. At night the stars are so close to you in the desert!There is so much adrenaline when you are galloping on a horse! And the beauty of communication with these magnificent creatures.

Once I was standing at the top of Naama Bay ( The name of the central part and best beach in Sharm El Sheikh) and watching sailing boats. I want to worship God all the time I am at the top of the mountain for his beautiful creations. It is a breathtaking view. I fell in love with sailing. You have to be strong to do this sport, but you learn it with time. Sailing especially is good on a windy day. The weather in Sharm is 365 days a year sunny.

What to do things:

There are a lot of things to do in Sharm.There are a lot of travel agencies which offer you tours all over the historic places in Egypt - The famous pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Luxor temple, Nile excursions, but you also can go from Sharm to Israel, to visit Jerusalem. It is only 4 hours to Taba, the Israeli border town.

Actually Sharm El Sheikh is an ex-Israeli territory, you still can see Israeli construction there.

I went for a couple of days to Eilat, the resort on the Dead Sea in Israel. The Dead Sea is full of different minerals which are very good for your body. The water is so thick with them that you cannot swim in it. It keeps popping you up. You just float on the surface. Everybody puts mud on their body. I was by myself, so there was a man making money on putting the mud on people and washing it off after. I had to pay him $20 bucks. What an idea to make money! You have to hang around in this mud about 20 minutes. It makes your skin soft and baby like. People coming here from all over the world to treat skin diseases. Israel is pretty expensive.

Another excursion I would recommend is Jerusalem, the Holy Place, the Weeping Wall.

I go there every time I visit Sharm, I worship my Lord there. This place is crowded with pilgrims. They all coming to the Weeping Wall to leave their messages to God in this Wall. You have to squeeze it there. Anyway every night they collect those messages and burn them, and new people coming the next morning to leave their petitions to God.

Another important place of sightseeing yo do not want to miss in Sharm - Sinai Mountain, the burning bush, and St.Catherine's Monastery. This is all in one excursion. You start the tour at night, midnight. You have to climb all night to reach the top of the mountain, and meet the sunrise there. Don't forget to have a wish! You will meet with God there, and ask Him what you want so eagerly in this life. My wish came true! You'll have a guide, a torch at the foot of the mountain. Do not forget warm clothes! It is freezing in the mountains, especially at nigh, even when it is hot down in the valley. Once I took a camel when I was so tired to walk, but the camels do not go further after some point, as the rocks becoming very huge.

I have to write separately about St.Catherine's monastery. But after you come down from the mountain the morning, you ll visit the monastery, you'll see the burning bush. The monastery is still active, there are Orthodox Greek and some Russian priests there.

And back downtown to Sharm. You'll walk in the evening along the beautiful embankment, you can see a lot of shows. Do not forget a trip to Old Town of Sharm. The shuttle buses going back and forth all the time. It is a huge Arabic bazaar there, you can buy whatever. I love fish restaurants there, they are very authentic.

So, good luck and Bon Voayge!

History places to see in Egypt

Sinai Mountain
Sinai Mountain | Source
On my horse Shakira in the desert
On my horse Shakira in the desert | Source
Enjoy your life at the fullest!
Enjoy your life at the fullest!
The Burning Bush
The Burning Bush
Naama Bay beach
Naama Bay beach
At sunrise people going down the Sinai Mountain back to the foot whre is St. Catherine's Monastery
At sunrise people going down the Sinai Mountain back to the foot whre is St. Catherine's Monastery
evening shows in Naama Bay
evening shows in Naama Bay

Travel to Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh

A markerSharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Naama bay -
Naama Bay, Egypt
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A Paradise for divers at the Red Sea!


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    • Elena Power profile image

      Elena Power 3 years ago

      It is peaceful in Sharm, still a lot of tourists

    • Matt Jordan III profile image

      Matt Jordan 3 years ago from Gulf Coast

      How has the late unpleasantness effected this resort?