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Travelers: Protect your iphone on the go with NuGuard KX

Updated on September 29, 2015

NuGuard KX Protective Case


Get peace of mind: avoid cracked iPhones with the military standards of NuGuard KX

So many travelers needlessly add worry and expense to their trip. Possibly, they even put themselves in danger, just by not having a good case for their iPhone! Maybe you told yourself you'd get a protective case for your valuable equipment, "eventually". You spent all that money on one of the most coveted phones around the world, but drew the line in spending any more cash. Like the old saying goes, "Penny wise, pound foolish."

If you're active, there's no doubt that your phone needs its own travel gear, if you will. Hiking, mountain climbing, zip-lining all have huge potential for your phone to drop and crack. If you've had it happen, you felt "lucky" to be able to still dial your phone, even if broken shards of glass cut your fingers! Without your phone, your life could even be in danger! Hiking and camping in the "backcountry", going off the beaten path, walking around by yourself is so much more common these days with today's independent travelers.That makes having a working phone more important than ever. Now there's NuGuard KX to the rescue! I was glad to be hosted to experience it.

Even older travelers who aren't so active need to consider this product. Once you get to a certain age, the "butterfingers" or shakes seem to be more frequent. Dropping a smooth phone becomes too easy. And, cruelly enough, that's the age when a fixed income makes replacing your iPhone much less feasible.

The NuGuard KK has been drop-tested under military conditions. They have a model for all the different iPhones, even the older ones. In the past, people shied away from "tough case" protective gear for their phones, because they were like thick automobile tire treads around the device. That made them bulky, heavier and a lot less cool. They were like training wheels on your sleek phone. With the NuGuard KX, you'll still be able to slip it easily into a tighter pants pocket. ,

The case has two molded together sections: a hard shell encompassing a softer core. If you're able to snap on the plastic lid on a yogurt container, you can put this on your phone. It's available in colors ranging from the girly to ones that would match any uniform or business suit, as well as a few patterns.

This is the type of travel gear that you'll be grateful for on the road, but also use it every day at home.


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