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Travelling Is Cheaper Than Living At Home

Updated on September 23, 2012
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Alyson Long started her blogging career on Hubpages, she is now a full-time professional travel bloggers at World Travel Family dot com.

Costs of Living at Home

We are home owners with a mortgage,one income, 2 kids a cat

Living here, in our own home costs us $57/night, just on the mortgage.

Our mortgage is small, only $155,000.

Our bills amount to another $30/ day, including utilities and insurance.

Food and petrol cost us another $57.

1 day at home costs us $147.

We live extremely frugally at the moment, if we were not saving we would be spending a lot more.

So can you travel for less than you spend at home. You bet!

Don't let money hold you back

How often do you hear people dreaming aloud about travelling, fantasising about visiting some destination that has fascinated them for many years?

Their reason for not going is so often money. That's a shame, travel is not as expensive as people believe.

Travel or Holiday?

Sure, Holidays are expensive: flights, luxury airport transfers, nice hotels, eating out, filling every day with sight seeing and activities, gifts and souvenirs for the whole family. Maybe even a whole new wardrobe before you go.

It doesn't have to be like that. Instead, consider the same outgoing on flights, but distributed over a year instead of 2 weeks.

Public transport instead of taxis, budget accommodation, the longer you stay the better the rates you can negotiate.

You can still eat out and enjoy delicious food, but stay away from the tourist restaurants, head for where the locals eat. Occasionaly dine on fresh produce from the local market. If you are lucky, you can find accomodation with cooking facilities, you are laughing if you have that option.

Souvenirs still have to be avoided, you'd only have to carry them with you and that's no fun.

Get Rid of Your "Real Life" Expenses

People do travel and keep their cars and houses back home. we couldn't afford it, but people do.

The trick for us is to eliminate those expenses. Either sell the house, or, if your mortgage is small enough, rent it to cover the repayments.

We don't have a car loan, if we did, the car would have to go. As it is we are considering storage, but this may prove too expensive.

Most possessions will have to be sold, we have too much clutter anyway. Payed storage is expensive, so the best option is to lose the junk.

Expenses on the Road

My partner and I spent 3 months in India on a daily budget of just $10.

Yes, Really! That covered accommodation, food, beer, expenses such as transport and buying essential toiletries. It was a while ago and I don't think we could do the same today, but just take that figure on board , toss it around and imagine how cheaply you could live in India.

You need to pick your country, forget the US, Australia and most of Europe, but Asia is generaly cheap, and if you shop around, strike some good deals and don't stress too much over having western comforts, it's incredibly affordable.

Travel Slowly

The slower the better!

All that rushing about between locations costs money.

Pick your spot and stay for a few months, take the stress out of rushing around and ticking off all the sights. Not only will you get a better deal on accomodation you will really get a feel for a place, meet locals, connect with the culture, learn the language, find the best and cheapect places to shop and eat.

You'll be reducing your carbon footprint too, it's all good!


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