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Traveling for She-roes: Be the Ultimate Travel Buddy

Updated on April 11, 2018
Meggie S profile image

Megan is a direct sales leader in the cosmetic industry who has been building her business for 20 years. She is a veteran roomate!

That moment.

We have all been there. Whether a girl's weekend or a work related conference, there are times we find ourselves sharing space with a coworker and pondering the thought, "what was I thinking?". It could be their penchant for watching TV nonstop or that they snore like a lumberjack. Whatever the issue, lack of sleep can bring you to your knees. While we all have our individual quirks and idiosyncrasies, traveling with others requires a certain least it does if you wish for the relationship to survive the trip!


Truth: Friends don't let friends go without earplugs!

House rules

In your quest for a minimally stressful trip, it can be helpful to establish house rules. I recommend the following suggestions. You will be amazed at how far they go to create a happy temporary home!

How to pick your roomates

There will be trial and error in this process. I spent may years trying to findmy "dream roomies". after a few bumpy trips, I have now locked in my "ride or die" roomates.. This amazing trio of boss babes are a perfect fit for me. We have officially decided ours is a permanent arrangement. It is effortless, easy and fun. Our newest roomate, Laurie, took the last open spot. She said "You guys move like clockwork", watching the ease of our morning routine. Its just that simple. I honestly look forward to the time together as much as the trip, and I am grateful for that.


10 Dos and Don't for a Successful Trip with the Girls:

  1. Be on time to pick them up or ready to be picked up on time. Nothing starts you off on the wrong foot like a late start! Plan for traffic and get there early!
  2. Clean your car before the trip. No one wants to travel in a junkyard. Stock with tissues, snacks, water.
  3. Be sure tank is full of gas and car is in good repair. Of course, the unexpected can't be prevented but low oil, low air in tires and the like are easy to remedy.
  4. Earplugs prevent stressful mornings!! Odds are that someone will snore, and NOTHING create friction quicker that tired people! Traveling is tiring and you need your sleep! I recommend always traveling with a pair and bringing extra..especially if you are the "offender". I have been know to "offend" at times, so I also bring an assortment of allergy meds, sprays etc. I want my sleep too!
  5. Bring cash for the room, tipping, transportation: Nothing gets old quicker than someone that can't pay their part. Cash makes life easier in cabs, restaraunts, etc. Keep track of anything owed by writing it down. If staying in a room together, decide ahead of time whose credit card will be hold for incidentals for there are no surprises at check in. Debit cards are not preferred. If they use this, it might be best to have them withdraw cash and just pay you.
  6. Proper gratuities should be shared equally. This is what I was taught: $1-2 per bag to bellman, shuttle drivers. $2 per day for housekeeping, 12-20% (although I usually give 20%) for servers. If a friend offers to pay for dinner, offer to pay your part gracefully, or at least the tip. Pull your weight or you won't be along for the fun next time!
  7. Be clean: Keep your belongings confined to an area and picked up. No one likes a slob, especially a neat freak. You never know what personalities you are traveling with so keep it clean!
  8. One word.. Poopouri. See below.
  9. Decide ahead what the am schedule is and set your own alarm. Everyone has a different morning routine. Figure out who takes the longest and plan accordingly.
  10. Silence can be golden. If you roomie is reading or enjoying quiet time when you enter, respect that and continue to observe that! They may be an introvert who really need that to recharge.

Choose and be chosen.

So choose a roomate for your next trip, but before you sure you are the one to pick! work hard to be easy going and easy to live with! Check your dos and don't and your p's and q's. You never know where it may take you!

© 2018 Megan Swope


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 

      11 months ago from Ireland

      Finding a fun group of people you really enjoy travelling with is hard, as there is always that one person who starts irritating you a few days in.


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