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Traveling light and protected in style: a review of Eagle Creek's EC Lync™ Carry-On Limited Edition 2016

Updated on August 16, 2016

Why Eagle Creek fulfills your luggage needs

It's time to step up your luggage game with Eagle Creek. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

If you get right on it, you still have the opportunity to purchase the EC Lync™ Carry-On Limited Edition 2016, a completely convertible carry-on sized backpack. It used to be that such an ultra-light bag as this would be delicate and limited in its use. Constructed with rugged Bi-Techª, 420D Helixª Dual Ripstop, and PU-coated zippers, you'll have peace of mind. The zipper pulls have metal, rubber and cord, to add several types of security when pulling under stressful situations. Plus, with all of its carry options -- by it grab handle, wheel t-bar and as a full-featured backpack -- you'll be less likely to drag it across rough surfaces. The bag will be good to you in part because you'll be good to the bag!

There are lots of "extras" on this bag that add to the quiet luxury. Glossy, hard plastic tie straps are sharp-looking, chic and functional. They can be used to harness even a large water bottle or tightly rolled towel in.

You may wonder why this product has such heavy-duty wheels . . . if you haven't had to roll your bags over ancient stone roads, as seen in places like Israel, Italy, Germany, Austria. You won't find "redcaps", porters or bellhops at so many of these destinations, either. You're on your own! There's a video on the Eagle Creek site, as well as screen-printed instructions on a bag inside on how to remove the wheels and frame for less weighty carrying experience.

Lots of hidden details are thought out, too. The shoulder straps are very well padded and covered with mesh -- so they don't slip around as you're walking. They're adjustable by length and width. There's also a cross strap to go across your chest for extra secure portage.

The bag has two front and one top accessible pocket -- there's an inside mesh pocket, perfect for separating laundry, etc. -- that's awesome for passports, chargers, train tickets and anything else you want to be easily accessible. Another accessibility advantage is the bright red key ring. It can be dangerous fumbling around for keys in a strange place!

The inside of the bag is easily wiped, which is a must for any traveler -- whether your toothpaste has oozed, you packed sandy shoes or some snack that you forgot about!

Don't scrimp: Why you need a quality backpack for trips

As a professional globe-trotter, I can tell you that there's nothing more important to the success of your trip than having sturdy, high-quality luggage. Whenever I've cut costs and corners with the travel bags I carry, it's inevitably ended up in disaster. Embarrassingly, I've "lost it" completely -- tears and makeup runnin' Tammy Faye Bakker style -- in front of colleagues and friends when I've had bag "malfunctions". Well, you need to understand: when your life's necessities (and "necessities", the vintage, polite term for undies and what-not) are exposed to the elements, thieves or falling all over a European train station, it's no laughing matter.

Though admittedly, bags aren't as sexy to buy as clothes for travel, they may be more crucial. If you aren't a special size, it's easy to buy clothes wherever you are. And since we're no longer in the era of glamorous couturier steamer trunks, people seem to have gone to the other extreme -- throwing their hands up in the air and grabbing any ol' anything from yard and tag sales. Don't do it.


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