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Traveling with your pet

Updated on January 30, 2017

Traveling with your best friend is fun

Traveling with your best friend is fun
Traveling with your best friend is fun

Many retirees travel seasonally with their pets

Many retirees and others travel with their pets for extended stays in other regions of the country. Finding places to stay along the way can be daunting but not impossible. There are some hotels that will not accept pets but, in my experience, most will.

There are many motels and hotels along the way that will accept your pet and will charge some sort of damage and cleaning fee in addition to the usual room rate. This charge can vary widely and you should ask before you go. I have stayed at hotels that only charge a $10.00 pet fee and I have called others to make a reservation that charged  $100.00 extra per night. It is worth taking the time to call ahead and ask.

I suggest you also check at your ultimate destination and see how friendly they are about having pets. The place you are staying may allow pets but the city or town you are in may have very restrictive regulations regarding where you can take them. Most places have leash laws but some are more restrictive about where you can walk your dog. You may find that the community you had in mind is so restrictive that you will want to look at some other place nearby.

There are many online resources for travelers with pets. If you do searches for “pet friendly hotels” or “pet friendly seasonal rentals” for example, you will find a multitude of information to help.

Just a few quick tips:

1. Be sure you have your pet’s shots up to date and carry a record with you.

2. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations on such things as flea prevention for the area you are going to be staying in. Many rental places will ask for proof of shots and flea prevention and you will find it very helpful especially in the south where the fleas are active all year round.

3. Be a considerate pet owner and clean up after your pal. I use just a regular sandwich bag that I can slip my hand into and then just turn it wrong side out to pick up the refuse and never have to touch it. Then throw it in the nearest trash container. Your neighbors will love you for it.

4. There are harnesses that allow you to fasten your pet to a rear seat belt and give them some room to move but still prevent them from being loose in the car.

5. While we do not endorse products, there is a product called a “Gulppy” that is a wonderful way to give your dog water on the road. It is important to allow the dog to hydrate properly under the stress of traveling.

With a little pre-planning and fact-finding, you and your best friend can have a wonderful time in the sun.


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    • zzron profile image

      zzron 7 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Great info thanks.