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Travellers- prepare food before arriving at Ag Dept check points

Updated on October 13, 2009
fresh vegies
fresh vegies

Agriculture departments check points


Every country or state has its own check points. They are there to protect that particular state from various pests and diseases.  We all know how important this needs to be controlled before these little nasties take over our wonderful countries.


Be Prepared


Before you leave home check with the various states as to what is legal to take through and what is not.


Then you will know before you travel into a new state, so it’s no good complaining because you lose those fresh vegetables you just bought.  And do not pretend you did not know.  Ignorance is no excuse 


In some cases if you have just bought your fruit and vegies that day and you go into another town and you have proof of purchase they may allow you to keep them? This depends if you are still in the same state.


What to do with unused items


We all get carried away buying thing when on special.  Here are a few tips if you have bought extra vegetables and fruit and cannot possibly eat it all before arriving at check points.


Warning-States and countries may vary.


packaged frozen vegetables
packaged frozen vegetables


Onions – Usually if these are peeled then you can take them through.  Although I always peel and cut in slices and place in freezer bags and freeze.  Make sure you clean out the container that held the onions, do not leave any skins in the cupboards.


Potatoes- Peel, slice, cook, cool and freeze in sealed freezer bags.


Tomatoes- Slice, bag and freeze.  I often cook some onions and tomatoes together then freeze ready for the spaghetti and Bolognaise.



NB:  You could also cut up carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, cucumber and pickle them.  That way you still keep them.


If you still have items left- make sure you place in the bins.  Taking a gamble on not being caught could prove to be very expensive.  Is it really worth taking that risk?


Look after our children’s future by doing the right thing.


Tips for travellers entering Western Australia

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Honey- When leaving Western Australia you may take it through the check point. Although you will not be allowed to bring it back into Western Australia even though you bought it there.

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