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Travelling Bears

Updated on February 10, 2012

Travelling Bears

The Original Travelling Bear
The Original Travelling Bear

Travelling Bears

This is a hub about the recent phenomenon of Travelling Teddy Bears. These intrepid bears are traveliing the world, having their photos taken in front of interesting land marks. Some of these bears travel with one specific human owner and other will be passed from owner to owner in order for them to experience more countries and journeys.

I suppose the first travelling bear should be considered to be Paddington Bear who turned up at Paddington station from Peru with a suitcase and a note for someone to take care of him - he then had someone write stories and draw pictures of his adventures. This concept has now moved with the times and there are many travelling bears with an online presence who prowdly boast about where they have been.

It is even possible for people to buy ready made bears who enjoy travelling. Easy Jet sells one on their flight and then offer a prize each month to the best photo. Other shops also sell bears that come with their own passport.

There has even been reports of travel agents arranging holidays for Teddies! All it requires is for the owner to pay a few hundred pounds and send their bear to the travel agant who will then take the Teddy on a holiday, add a few photos and even stamp a passport.

If this hub has interested you in this slightly quirky world, a good expample of an online travelling bear is on the following link:


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