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Travelling Is Not What It Used To Be

Updated on August 5, 2017

These years, travelling and the environment are so much different. Even if I could turn back time to 20 years or more, I won’t dare to travel around the world.

USA, UK and France have apparently become the most dangerous places. I try to go there less frequently. I love places where you don’t get to see throngs of people but see nature, just mother nature. Before I travel, I must consider whether there are erratic situations or dangers in my destination.

I kind of miss the halcyon days when I don’t have to fear travelling, when I don’t need an itinerary and I could go whenever I wanted to go, find a hotel when arrived, if not sleep at the bus or subway station for a night before thinking where to go next. Like an adventurer. That time when you could strike up a conversation with strangers on the streets, and visit the locals’ homes and even stay for a night, is all in the past. Well, I bet you get shot in the head or robbed of all your cash if you do that now.

Every three days, or every day, innocent lives are lost in terrorist attacks, wars and riots. Transiting in airports, or better put, battlefields, is scary. A bottle of water is viewed as a weapon. I’d pray that when I am on the aeroplane no madman would break open the emergency window.

Long time ago, in a train, my travelling companion and I fell into the hands of a sleeping gas burglary gang. We opened our eyes and heck, our luggage was all gone. But our journey still continued.

Now, if I were to encounter this situation, I might not wake up. If I do, I’d lost a liver or a kidney, an arm or a leg, or my dick.

You not only bring your stuff when travelling. You also bring your vigilance along. Your brain, your eyes and your sidekicks. The more the safer. Though travelling is now made easier, the experience is different. There are memorable moments during my trips, but compared to years ago – meh.

Time changes. So, travel now before the situation worsens. By then, you’d be better off watching travel shows on Youtube.


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