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Traveling India: Stuff that can be interesting

Updated on September 25, 2016

Why India?

India is a land of diversity - diversity in culture ,diversity in lands,diversity in foods.A land of colors that is believed to heal people's mind by its scenic beauty, a beauty that has the power to wake a man who is mourn to death ,a beauty that beholds the arms of everyone and gives them a reason to be happy.

Traveling to India can lead you to a great learning trip where you could know about varied cultures that came across the world and how this holy land accepted them .

Coining out how the differences have made the people in India still managed to get happy irrespective of their believes.

Finding out that every science discovery has its roots in India!!

A place that was considered to be A Golden Bird that serves the second highest population and still one of the greatest countries in the world.Thus visiting India a its fascinating heritage is a must see in a lifetime.

5 Things you Should Know

India is vast even the people living in India are not aware about the great gift of their surroundings.Language in India in not primarily the same , roads or ways are always tricky and a single mistake could land you to trouble.So below are the 5 things you should know that could save you from a moment that could stole your so called "Happy Moments in India"

1.Packing And Guiding:The Right Things

Packing is always a major thing while traveling,journey as ease without packing is a term never to be coined.So packing can be done taking in mind the following thing:

  • Climate
  • Clothes according the places you visit
  • Light food
  • Effective cosmetics
  • Accessories to your need
  • A doctor's number that could help you in emergency a sufficient necessary medicines.

Also light weight bag's need not to be mentioned but bags according to the places could be possibly helpful.If you come from a region that is cold at times then you need not bring your winter clothes as India has a hot climate throughout the year.

Red Fort Delhi - Where Every year National flag is flung by the President of India

Plan is to visit only THE HERITAGE PART then

  • You would surely get messed up in perspiration as all of them are in rigid hot regions.So be ready to carry something that could be a relief also carry a lot of water.
  • Taking A Camera to capture the astonishing sculptures and extraordinary architectures could be an idea but remember it could not be permitted at most of the sites any you could end up giving some fine

Indian Hill station Nainital depicting its beauty

Plan to visit only THE SCENIC OR TREKKING PART then

  • Remember to carry neccessary equipments like knife ,rope,extra pair of clothes,scissors,glasses,caps,torch etc. so as to use them in need
  • Forests or mountains in the northern or eastern India are full of wild species ,they are preserved as per Indian Wildlife acts so their being free is common so always be ready to face some danger while camping.
  • Disturbing the animals or harming them can cause you trouble under different wildlife protection acts,always prefer a guide in such places.

Lotus Temple of India-A modern marvel

Plan to visit only THE CONCRETE JUNGLES of India

  • Be ready to be drenched as the population would always interrupt you everywhere ,lines and lines everywhere, crowd filled public places,places where the crowd has made some dirty conclusions.
  • Always be ready to face the Indian "Autowalas" they would definitely charge you a price 5x times they originally charge better use a cab for a good experience and decent charge.
  • Be ready to face the sun and the smell ,the dust and the Wind - the climatic changes along with the pollution could cause you infection and ill.

2.Food:Would it suit me?

Indian food is varied,you could find almost different foods.Most of the Indian food would be spicy which could not be suited but the Indian Sweets and Desserts would bring joys.Food in almost every part in India is different but the most famous and common food item you should taste is "Panipuri",Vadapav(Indian Burger) etc.

Also Indian Desserts such as "Rasgulla", "Jalebi" ,"Kaju katli" etc are not to be missed one.

Pani-Puri:The most utilized street food of India

Food:North India

Starting from the north you could find varieties from Jammu towards Punjab which are the 2 Indian northern states.Food over there would always make you cry for more - "The Chhole - Bhature In Punjab " would be remembered by you till lifetime.North Indian have a large diet and it is even varied they could possible be eating around 20 types of food at a time that also in a large quantity.A dish of paneer or vegetables along with buttermilk and different types of pickles with Indian so called "papads" and salads are common.

The below pics contains foods such as

  • Lassi(Buttermilk)
  • Kulcha(Indian bread)
  • Panner dish
  • Gulabjamun(Indian Sweet)
  • Rice
  • Papad
  • Raita(a dish with curd)
  • Dal Makhani
  • Vegetable dish
  • Salad

Punjabi Thali In Northern India

Food:Western India

Food in western India is in 2 flavor's

  1. Spicy Rajasthani flavor : Rajashthan's cuisine would be the best the most different and the most favorite cuisine you would wish to have . Rajasthani's "Dal Baati-churma" or the "Gatte ki Sabzi" could find no match to it's taste.The thali below contains
  • Daal Bati Churma
  • Gatte ki sabzi
  • Aloo matar sabzi
  • 4 varies Roti's(Different Grains)
  • Halwa(Sweet #1)
  • Chikki(Sweet #2)
  • Laddu(Sweet #3)
  • Kadi(dish)
  • and many more...

Rajasthani Thali most commonly termed as "Rajputi Thali"

2.Sweet Gujarati Flavour: Gujarat has a cuisine with more snacks than a heavy dinner.People over there has a habbit of eating many times instead of eating very much.So light food items such as -

  • Chorafali
  • Khakhra
  • Chakri
  • Fafda
  • Ghanthia
  • Mathia
  • Khakhra
  • Sev
  • Sev mamra
  • Lasaniya mamra
  • Porbandar khajli

Don't forget to taste the "Khaman-fafda" or "Gathiya" along with special Gujarati "Chatni"

Also Gujarat produces snacks which could be preserved and used for a long time such as "Khakhra" , "Thepla" , "Bhakarwadi" etc.

Gujarati Farshan(Snacks)

Snacks are not the only thing ,the Thali better known as "Kathiyawdi Thali" would bring a joy on you face and leave you mouth watering.The Thali contains

  • Lasaniya Bateka nu sak.(Garlic and Potato dish)
  • Sev Tameta nu sak(Tomato and Sev dish)
  • Kadi Khichdi
  • Green Chilli pickle
  • Thepla
  • Muthiya
  • Dal Dhokli
  • Gunjia
  • and many more...

Gujarati Thali

Food:South India

South Indian Food has got taste and varieties -varieties in in terms of foods,varieties on how the food should be taken.People over there are much fond of dishes that are made up of rice and in coconut oil.if you are new to South India You would surely not be able to digest the coconut oil,but it is "Once in a life taste".South Indian dishes are

  • Idli
  • Dhosa
  • Medu Wada
  • Uttapam etc.

Each and every dish has even more varieties and even more different taste for eg.Dhosa would be served as Masala Dhosa , Mysore Dhosa , chinese dhosa and many more.

Below pic shows us idli(White Circular) , Dhosa(Folded round Light brown),medu wada (Like a doughnut)

South Indian Food served On Banana leaves

You would be more amazed to see that with a single food dish you are would be provided many and different types of chutneys(Sauces of different flavours).

Rice Served on Banana Leaf with different Chutney's

Favorite Indian Food

Which Indian Food You Find More Mouth-Watering?

See results

3.Transport:How should I Roam?

Transportation can be an issue if you are not used to crowds that would not let you rest.India is a place of great lands that are worth visiting but they are at far distances a distance that a could let you pass nights of journey.

Using Air Routes are usually the best - fast ,comfortable and less accident prone than any other transport.Well there are sites where no airports are presents so you need a public transport -a public transport is usually filled up with lots of public (population of India).But still it could be easy if your journey is "Pre-Planned and stays Pre-Planned". Roaming around the cities has great alternatives that can make your travel easy

Using Trains

Using Trains would be best but the availability of tickets can be an issue - so better plan it perfectly .Traveling through trains unplanned could cause you a great trouble- the situations are over-crowded & noisy.But people in India would encourage foreigners and always lend you help but you could find such educated Indians in rare case only.

To support tourism Government of India runs a special train for Foreigners known as "Maharaja Express" this train would take you to a journey which you would like to remember through you life.They are a team who treats you like a Maharaja(A King) and serve.Though its tickets are high but for a journey all over India the easiest and the sweetest way to roam around India.You don't need to hire a guide or a language specialist if you are traveling through this.Indian Tourism always follows the motto "Atithi Devo Bhava" which means every guest is a God.

Maharajas Express:Guest Is A God And Deserves To Be Served

Using Bus

Using luxury or Volvo Buses could be one of the alternatives but is comparatively slower than trains.Buses to small route could be easily available and would be best as the route passes through highway which are ways craved out from rivers ,caves,mountains,hills etc and pass through various cities giving you the glimpse through the inner city which is not a benefit in trains.Redbus and other websites could be really helpful in such cases -buses are cheap and comfortable but time can be an issue .

If you are traveling in rainy or winter season then ignoring the buses would be good as the roads could be jam packed with waters in Central India and with snow in northern parts of India.Also traffic i major cities of India or highways is an issue.

Rohtang pass Jam Due to Land Slides

Hiring Private Vehicles

Personal vehicles can be with a driver or self-driven.In India hiring vehicles is a lot more easy than any other transport.It is really good for short distances companies such as Zoomcar is a big name for hiring cars on day basis.But hiring a self-driven car for multiple days would be costly and again time consuming but seeing through the good part of the coin ,transports need not be changed again and again if you travel by a personal vehicle ,though nights could be dangerous at times .I would prefer you a stay in a hotel and night and driving throughout the day ,sleepless nights could also become health issues and what is the use of fun that comes at the cost of health.

Traffic problems imply same to private vehicles as they imply to buses.Roads could be mysterious at times and land sliding or water or snow jammed routes could be disrupting.

Do you think that traveling long routes by Road is far more better and lively than Air or Trains??

See results

4.Hotels:Am I Secure?

Checking in the right hotel should be a notable thing ,illegal progression of work are done in many hotels in the world ,renting a lodge or a hotel that could be in central market or central city may not always be a good choice for you.Renting a hotel in a hurry without it's information could end locking up yourself.Never do anything in hurry in India people over here or anywhere could trap you by their sweet talking.So better always get in contact with some people in India who could always advise you.

Hotel check-in is no longer an issue in India due to E-commerce .Websites such as Make-my-trip ,Trivago, GoIbibo are trustworthy and beneficial.

5.Helpline Numbers:What if i get into trouble?

You could never know the future anything can happen anytime.Precaution is always better than cure.What is you get robbed?What if you see something is on fire?What if a person nearby is ill and need some serious medical attention.Carrying some information about contact numbers would be beneficial.Below is a list of Contact Numbers you could save them for future purposes

112 has been declared as all in one emergency number by government of India.Below are other numbers that could be useful

Informatiom regarding content

The content above contains words that are indian and cannot be translated to english and if done would chnage the meaning of words, describe the word in comment you are unable to understand and i would narrate you the meaning.

Part II would consist of 3 more aspects that every Indian mentality man would have in mind for their travellers.

Important Helpline Numbers

Telephone Enquiry
International Direct Dialing
Weather Hotline
Tourism Hotline
1512 or 13-1/2/3
Indian Airlines
Jet Airways
Spice Jet
All in one Emergency Number
Women's Helpline


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