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Travelling the biggest high-Part I

Updated on February 9, 2015

If given a choice i would spend my life travelling; it would not be false to say that I live my life in between my travels. Yes, that's how much I enjoy and look forward to my next trip.So what is it about travelling that gives me and so many people such a high; hopefully this write up will help you to understand the fascination.

I worked in an organisation for four years, everyday I would take the same route to work from home. So much so that apart from the landmarks I started recognising the people on the roads, the traffic police and even predict who I will see in the next turn or which pothole my car will go over next. I changed jobs and the new organisation was just across the road from the previous one. So the commute remained the same. So you get the drift? Sometimes the heart yearns for the road less travelled, it yearns for the unfamiliar. That's what travelling does for me, it surprises me in both good and bad ways, more good any day. I meet people, i stare at amazement at people, i imbibe new cultures and learn something new everyday.

About staring at people, let me clarify I am no voyuer, I am more of an observer. Everynew city that i visit, my favorite thing to do is sit at a roadside cafe and see the world pass by.

And there's no better way of picking up small nuances of the culture and its people than by just sitting with a cup of coffee and see the world pass by. Try that in your own city and you will feel like you saw the same city with a whole new perspective. Yes that's what it does in comparison to hopping about the city trying to soak in different experiences, slow down and take everything slow. Its the greatest way of stress busting that I know. And yes if you are not comfortable doing it alone, what are friends for. However in this case the less the better mantra is highly recommended. Because the aim is to have conversation with oneself not others.

The Food, yes the food; the variety of taste colors and flavours will spoil you for choice. When it comes to food I love experimenting, and I am no faint at heart. I have tried everything in my travels, all kinds of cuisines and have been highly satisfied and surprised in a good way most of the times.


Most people I know are very scared of really experimenting when it comes to food, and no asking for different toppings on your pizza is not experimenting!! Tasting new foods is akin to broadening ones horizons, its also a way of getting familiar to their culture. Food has very strong anthropoligical roots; because the food evolution also points to the evolution of the race. What and how we eat is a reflection how we have evolved over periods of time.

And sometimes its the similarity in food habits that will surprise. Eating out and eating local should be your priority when travelling next.

Its these constant surprises that take me beyond happy when I travel. I hope you will experiment more when you travel next,till my next travel jottings. Live a little, travel a little.


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