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Trek to the Boiling Lake Dominica

Updated on September 2, 2016
Approximately 6-7 hour walk RT
Approximately 6-7 hour walk RT | Source

South Florida Divers Dive Trip Dominica

Millie and traveled with our dive buddies to Dominica to do a week of scuba diving. On the last day when diving is a no no before flying someone had the idea to hike to the Boiling Lake. Without knowing what I was in for said OK. Folks this is a strenuous hike with many loose rocks along with up and down climbs, got bad knees think twice.

The Terrain

Cooking along the trail

Ghost, our guide, brought eggs to boil in the hot pots along the trail. BEWARE this trail is marked very limited and without a guide a person could easily miss finding this hole with boiling water in it.

Eating on the trail

The Boiling Lake

After about 3 hours finally we got to this hole with boiling water in it. BTW I was the oldest of the group. Very invigorating not sure what could be done if any physical or health issues happened mid way this place is pretty rustic. Life is luck

Return Hike

6 1/2 hours later

Ghost claims that we did pretty good hiking round trip in less than 7 hours. My legs were aching for days after this trek. If going to Dominica and healthy I would highly recommend contacting Ghost and have him trek you up to the Boiling Lake. Really so much more to see than just the lake.

Beautiful Above & Below the H2O

Our Stay in Dominica

Our lodging was just fine somewhat difficult to get anywhere without a car so taxi must be called. Quaint Island worth going back to, will not hike to the Boiling Lake again. You can find video of this hike and more on my YouTube channel


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  • buck3647 profile image

    The Real David Pressler 16 months ago from Planet Earth

    Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventures above and below the water

  • Readmikenow profile image

    Readmikenow 16 months ago

    Excellent article. I enjoyed reading it.