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Tricks for Traveling With Kids

Updated on October 10, 2007

Do you return from a family vacation in need of another vacation - without the kids? Family vacations form some of the most distinct memories of childhood. Whether your family likes to visit the same lake or ski resort every year, or would rather see as many different places as time and budget allow, your kids are making memories. Travel tips can help your plan a vacation kids will love. And if you follow this advice, when you get home you may even feel a bit rested.

Change Your Perspective

At the planning stage, think about things from a child's point of view. While it may be important to you to hit every ride at an amusement park, your child may be more interested in hanging out at the free hotel pool. In other words, it's not all about you. Do your kids eat cereal for breakfast? Save yourself the hassle of a busy restaurant every morning by booking a room with a refrigerator. Kids will love to watch cartoons while they chow down on Cheerios and you'll save a ton of money.

Lower Your Expectations

Are you thrilled to experience the Grand Canyon or just dreaming of the scrapbook you'll put together when you get home? When you have an idea of the perfect family vacation in mind, traveling with kids can be miserable. Reality will simply never live up to your fantasy.

A big mistake many families make is to try and pack too much into a single trip. Even if you only travel every other year, you'll enjoy your vacation much more if you don't overload the schedule. Remember, you're supposed to have some time to rest.

More Tips for Traveling With Kids

Here's a great list of specific tips.

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