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Trip to New Orleans!

Updated on May 29, 2013

New Orleans from my Camera Lense

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One of the many ships we saw cruising along the Mississippi River!Beautiful :)An amazing use of plant life!
One of the many ships we saw cruising along the Mississippi River!
One of the many ships we saw cruising along the Mississippi River! | Source
Beautiful :)
Beautiful :) | Source
An amazing use of plant life!
An amazing use of plant life! | Source

Vacation Time

Crystal's view:

I recently had the opportunity to visit the big easy. Yup that's right New Orleans, Louisiana and I had an amazing time. The vibrant city was absolutely entertaining and full of life. Everything from the live bands playing an array of music to the many eateries available was a nonstop good time.

I would recommend anyone and everyone to visit this great place. Although, if it is possible, leave the kiddos at home. Common' you know when there is a place that allows you to take an alcoholic beverage to go and be able to walk around with are most likely going to. So having the little ones there with you may not be the best idea.


My baby sister was participating in "The One" cheer and dance competition. This competition was the Southern Final Competition for the year. Over 100 teams participated. It was a huge event held at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. We were lucky enough to get a room at the Hilton Hotel across the street in the French Quarter. In my opinion the best place to be for sightseeing.

Let the Good Times Roll

We were lucky enough to book a room and our tickets through Travelocity for a great price. Their package deals are awesome. Our hotel was directly across the New Orleans Convention Center, which was the only thing between us and the Mississippi River. If you have never had the opportunity to see this is HUGE. Before I literally saw it, I knew it was a large river but actually seeing it for myself I realized exactly how HUGE, it really was. This winding, brown river had a dark and muddy look to it from the sky as it continuously flowed through Louisiana. It was so majestic to see. I enjoyed every minute of it. While landing we went directly above the river and some cargo ships. You know those big cargo ships seen in movies....well they looked like small boat toys flowing in the river from our airplane. It was an amazing sight and just the beginning to our fantastic mini-vacation.

Polling Time

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Architecture and Beauty

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This magnificent church could be seen from afar and be just as beautiful.Tiered building lined the streets!The maroon and red buildings I saw as I looked down the streets!Plants and all the greens in the area really made it peaceful.The doors and architecture of everything fascinated me,
This magnificent church could be seen from afar and be just as beautiful.
This magnificent church could be seen from afar and be just as beautiful. | Source
Tiered building lined the streets!
Tiered building lined the streets! | Source
The maroon and red buildings I saw as I looked down the streets!
The maroon and red buildings I saw as I looked down the streets! | Source
Plants and all the greens in the area really made it peaceful.
Plants and all the greens in the area really made it peaceful. | Source
The doors and architecture of everything fascinated me,
The doors and architecture of everything fascinated me, | Source

Sightseeing and Stuff

My mother and I were in New Orleans for three days and three nights, so we were able to enjoy the sights. We first began by walking only 3 blocks from our hotel (and when I say blocks it was like 3 blocks of theirs equaled 1 block in Colorado). Immediately we saw amazing architecture and types of building you can only see in the South. Those tiered, long decks that outlook the city and the beautiful green plants that hung on each balcony were neatly stacked next to one another. Many maroon, reds and beige colored buildings were lined up as you peered down the long, crowded streets of the French Quarter. Hundreds of small businesses lined the streets selling numerous items representing New Orleans. Anywhere from their Cajun food and notorious hurricane alcoholic drinks to fun masks and one of a kind jewelry were sold.

We continued walking into the heart of the French Quarter and realized how kind people were. On our first day in New Orleans as we caught a cab to take us to our hotel, the cab driver said that everyone you meet from here will be very nice and want to be your friend, so that you can come back! Haha and he was so dead on. Everyone we spoke to were very down to Earth and laid back, asking us where we were from and if we were enjoying our stay. The people and culture there was so different and real. Voodoo items could be found in many of the stores which I found a little creepy but definitely provided a lot of their business. We saw a couple driving down the road with their faces painted white with black like stitches painted along their face outline and around their eyes were black, (very voodoo like) it was very interesting to see.

Many performers were present at every corner in the market place. People dressed like pirates and some were painted gold or silver and stayed perfectly still like statues until they reached out to give you a little fright. Kids placed used pop cans on their feet to create the tapping sound as they danced and tarot card readers reeled you in with their eyes and smiles.

So much to see and experience, including the lack of enforcement. Every time I saw a police car during the day, it was empty or they were eating. The only time I saw them actively keeping guard was on the weekend on Bourbon Street. Two men on horses looked over the loud, enthusiastic party goers.

The nightlife in New Orleans on Bourbon Street is something to experience. People are everywhere, including men on the balconies throwing beads to the young ladies below walking by. Live music can be found in each venue ranging in genre, but be prepared for the increased prices on drinks. We moved through the bars and all of them had their own prices, some lower and some really high. The only thing is for you to find a place that suites your needs (dance floor, live band, style of music, age group). I loved being in this great city and seeing it recover after such a loss from Hurricane Katrina. I will definitely be sure to make a trip there again for Mardi gras in the future! If you go there, I left enough out that you will be able to experience this great city for yourself! Fun travels to all of you!

Thanks for reading!


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