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Tropical City of Manokwari in Papua island

Updated on April 21, 2010

Manokwari city

the capital of West Papua province in the tropical island of Papua
the capital of West Papua province in the tropical island of Papua

The Capital of New Province

Manokwari is the capital of Papua province Province in Papua island of Indonesia. Papua is the eastern most tropical island in the Republic of Indonesia. Traveling to this city is easy. From any where around the world, you can book a flight to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and then take a flight to Manokwari by Batavia air, Merpati airlines or Express airlines. Or you can fly to Denpasar city in Bali island, the most important tourist hub in the South East Asia. Then from Bali, you can fly to Makassar city and to Manokwari.
All of the cities that I mention above are located in Indonesia, the largest tropical archipelago in the world. Indonesian islands consist of more than 17,000 islands big and small.
Talking about Manokwari, just as what you can see in the photograph that I have attached in this hub, the most important tourists attractions here are the sea and the mountain.
Manokwari city stretches along the coast of the Dorey bay with Mansinam and Lemon islands in middle of the bay giving safe protection to the city against big waves from the Pacific ocean. Another important city in West Papua is Jayapura. It is the capital of Papua Province. There are two provinces in the western half region of Papua island that becomes the territory of Indonesia, Papua and West Papua provinces. The Eastern half of Papua island is ruled by a free state Papua New Guinea.

Its tropical rainforest
Besides having densed tropical rainforest with its famous birds of paradise, goliath kakaktua bird and bower bird, West Papua province has two world class marine park, the Cendrawasih National Marine Park and the Raja Ampat. In Raja Ampat, some western divers have established scuba diving center there. In Manokwari city alone, the Dorey bay which is in front of the city waters is the best site for shipwreck diving.

Rapid development and Environmental Degradation
As a new capital of a newly formed Papua Barat province, Manokwari city is experiencing rapid growth. Every year trillions of rupiahs or billions of US dollars are being injected to this province to accelerate the development of this territory.
One thing that has become my concern is that the government eagerly invite national investors to convert the last remaining tropical rainforest in the world into mono-culture palm oil plantation. This will cause massive negative impact to the forest environment. Thousands of species of flora and fauna will be jeopardized for what they call "development."
Well, with all its positive and negative points, I still love this city. The city where I was born and grew up, the city where Christianity was first preached to the indigenous people, and the city where foreign tourists like to visit for seeing and enjoying the natural beauty of its surrounding environment.
If you are not so sure about how beautiful this region is, just look at the photographs that I am showing you in this hub. I hope that you will be interested in visiting this city in your next vacation.
As a tourist guide and travel writer, I can provide detailed information about Manokwari and Papua island or about traveling to Indonesia in general. You can contact me through my email or via my mobile phone: +6281332245180.

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Northen coast of Manokwari city

Inga Russian tourist in Manokwari of West Papua
Inga Russian tourist in Manokwari of West Papua

Lemon island at the background

Asian tourists had just landed at the tropical beach of Mansinam island
Asian tourists had just landed at the tropical beach of Mansinam island

Kasuari bird

Casuarius casuarius
Casuarius casuarius


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