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Truckers wives it takes a special person

Updated on January 31, 2015

hello I am a truckers wife. I admit it is a tough life but I wouldn't trade my life for anything. Yes I have to learn to do things for myself I have my independence. I have never depended on men so this was the rigtht man for me.

I have heard some of my friends say that it must be a lonely life. I talk husband daily on the phone Some people say we have the holiday together. We might start the holidays together.. It may start out together on the holidays but freight needs to be moved everyday. Yes I wish he could spend the holidays with me and the kids but we know he is working to put a roof over our heads and food on our table to eat.

Yes sometimes the kids seem to resent their dad. He never seems to be around for their birthdays or father/daughter events. I do my best at being both mother and father. I have taught them that if their dad isn't around they can do the job. One of the girls who leans toward liking what her daddy does is looking at becoming a driver. I don't tell her she cant do it. I tell her she can do anything s sets her mind too.

I have to be understanding when he says he will be home on a certain day and the weather changes like a flood or maybe there was a snowstorm. Sometimes the kids don't understand but I would tell the kids that dad didn't do it on purpose. I had heard among the other truck wives that maybe he had a secret life. I thought if that was all they had to talk about they were the one with a problem. I trust my man.em

I do my best to help the kids realize their dad loves them. My girls have learned not to depend on anyone. They can take care of themselves. Yes they have boyfriends. The boyfriends understand the girls aren't like most girls. My girls get upset being made to feel like they cant do anything. I admit my husband has missed a lot of our kids lives but he loves the fact that they can take care of themselves like =

Our girls are a perfect match for someone. A lot of men don't like the girls who need them all along and don't know how to take care of themselves. Our girls if they never meet a man can take care of themselves. The girls don't need anyone to make them complete.


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