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Budget Travel Idea - Family Camps

Updated on February 22, 2013
Berkeley's Tuolumne Family Camp Swimming Stream - California
Berkeley's Tuolumne Family Camp Swimming Stream - California | Source

Summer Family Camp Defined

There are different kinds of summer family camps

  • Christian, organized, and stationary (religious focus is on personal growth and family bonding)
  • Christian church camp that is organized, and missionary (outreach to communities)
  • non-religious, organized
  • family camps of other religious affiliations

No matter the kind of camp you go to, you'll find something for the parents, something for the kids, and something for the family to enjoy. How much time is spent as a family unit varies but, since the idea is for family bonding, there is a fair amount of time spent together.

Non-Religious Family Camp in Beautiful New York

Summer Fun Vacation

What do family camps include?

  • meals
  • lodgings
  • outdoor activities (anywhere from swim lessons to shooting to archery to bicycling or hiking)

What does family camp cost?

  • The run about $500-2000 for the entire family (of four), depending up on the length of time and the location you are in within the USA. (I am not familiar with the cost in other countries.)

Where does the family sleep?

  • Most family camps are now in cabins together. However, some traditional camps still use tents.

An Example of a Christian Family Camp in Arkansas

Here's a Book About a Camp Sharing Her Story With Campers

50 States Full of Family Camps

Here is a listing of all the campsites a family could hope for, complete with descriptions, courtesy of Budget Travel. Most of these are non-religious camps.

If it's Christian-based family camps you're after, check out these links:

Here is a link of Christian Camp search forum for Christian camps all over the United States.

Another alternative is the Buddhist family camp, in England, shown in the video below.

An Example of a Buddhist Family Camp in England

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