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20 Things You Never Knew About Iraq

Updated on June 18, 2013

20 Things You Never Knew About Iraq

(1) The Weather

Iraq is a very hot climate, with summer temperatures averaging between 104°F to 118°F. Then in the winter temperatures between 70°F, to 59°F, some winter nights it can hit right below freezing point. The participation is low, and their average rain fall is roughly around 10 in, per year. Making Iraq, a very easy place to catch fires.

(2) Food

The biggest meal of the day in Iraq is lunch, and it is typically eaten around 2pm. They harvest much of their own food, making lunch time a very organic and healthy place. There meals seldom change, almost always rice and a form of stew. The stew varies from lamb, goat, shrimp, fish, chicken and beef, these are also the forms of livestock raised in Iraq. The only thing you will not find, used in their stews is pork, or swine due to Islāmic beliefs. Their diet is much like a vegetarians. Rice, lentils, and grains turned into flat breads, and served with all meals. Another common sight at all meals is olive oil, coriander, cinnamon, and cumin.

(3) Location and Population

The location of Iraq is in a region called the Middle East, and it is truly very small. In fact Iraq is so small, that it measures only 168,754 square miles. Iraq is twice the size of Idaho, with a population less than California, but more than Texas, according to 2006 reports.

(4) Language

In Iraq the official language is Arabic, although there is three forms of the Arabic language. The first of these three are Classical Arabic, this is the language that the Qur'an its written in. The second is Modern Standard Arabic, this being taught in schools for reading and writing. The third one is the spoken language, it's called Iraqi Arabic.

(5) An Education, Not a War

Since the 2006 bombing of Samar, children have battled a war for education. Not only have 320,000 children been injured, 200,000 have died, with over 65% of them being young men. But not only students, there is also 200,000 teachers that have died as well. This leaving the children, with a terrible fear to go to school, and most have dropped out.

(6) Illiterate

Four out of five men, that are fifteen years of age or older are illiterate. With women fifteen or older, two out of three are illiterate.

(7) Forty-Three Day War

There is a war that occurred in 1991, that lasted for forty-three days. This war caused by first president Bush, and led by the United States military. During this war more than 300,000 Iraqis,got killed. Due to the US-Blockade, the lack of food and medicine along with the sanitary conditions have severely dropped. These low conditions, have caused severe harm, and will for years to come.

(8) Instruments

There are three instruments that are easily recognized as being from Iraq.

  • The Oud, is a stringed instrument, shaped like a pear.

  • The Iraqi Santur, resembles a xylophone in many ways. Although on a xylophone has blocks, and on the Santur is strings. Both resemble the same shape, and need mallets to drum upon. But sound wise, and performing wise they are complete opposites.

  • Then there is the Joza, which is a type of spiked fiddle.

(9) Mosque of Samarra

A mosque is a place of worship, for the Islāmic faith. In Samara, just east of the Tigris river, you will find what was at one time the largest mosque in the world. The mosque is a spiraling tower, that stands a little over 170 feet tall, and 108 feet wide. On the sides of the tower is a spiraling ramp, to allow access up and down. There is seventeen aisles, and paneled walls that consist of navy blue glass.

(10) Ziggurat of Ur

The Ziggurat of Ur, means house whose foundation creates terror. The construction to this building accrued during the Bronze Age, or the 21st century BC, in what was Ur. During the 6th century BC the Noe-Babylonian era, it had crumbled to ruins. Some people seem to believe that this might have been the foundation to the tower of Babylon.

(11) The Ancient Ruins of Ctesiphon

During Parthia and Sassanian times, the imperial capital was Ctesiphon. This was one of the great city's of ancient Mesopotamia, that now lies in ruins, in present day Baghdad . Ctesiphon in 637 AD, fell into the hands of the Muslim faith.

(12) First Flag

The first flag for the Kingdom of Iraq, was in 1923. With a trapezoid on the mast side. It had three colors of stripes which consisted of black, white, and green. It had two stars on the triangle, devoted to thous who made their freedom possible.

(13) Currency

In 1932, the dinar got put into circulation. Before the introduction to dinar, Iraq was under the Indian rupee, brought during WWI by the British. The dinar comes in the form of 25,50, and 100's with an inflation rate of 1.66%. Most people in Iraq are so poor that they live off of 2327.7 dinar a day, which is about $2.00 American dollars a day.

(14) Honor Crime

As of 2003, honor crime has been "dishonorable" allowed. Thanks to Saddam Hussein men in Iraq are now allowed to kill. If a man believes that his family name was dishonored by a women in the family. He is then allowed to kill her, to restore the family name. Since 2003, there has been well over a thousand women killed, due to honor crimes.

(15) Coalitions

In 2003,five countries formed a coalition to invade Iraq. These are the troops that invaded in 2003:

United States troops 265,000

Great Britain 45,000

Australia 2,000


Kurds 70,000

(16) Americas Top Purchaser

In 2008 Iraq became Americas top purchaser, of U.S military equipment. That consisted of the following, trades and purchases:

  • (Trade) -AK-47 (Iraq) for the M-16, & M-4 rifles, (US)

  • (Purchase)-(36) F-16.... This is the most sophisticated weapon in Iraq

  • (Purchase)-(24) Attack Helicopters

  • (Purchase)-Tanks,

  • (Purchase)-(400) Armored Vehicles,

  • (Purchase)-(6) C-130 Transport Planes

(17) Baghdad Gate

When Baghdad was first created in 762A.D., it was constructed as a round city. It consisted of four gates,walls, and at a 90 degree angle, to assist with defense. The wall on the eastern side was created from very thick bricks, and had included multiple watch towers. Moats connected with the Tigris river, also ran from the gates. Across the moat, is a wide pointed arch, and further down is a moat bridge. When your looking at the south-west side of the building, is a door, this door leads to a massive bridge. Lately there has been construction to repair these ancient ruins, but before this attempt the last time it got renewed was 1221 AD.

(18) Iraq Values

The Iraq culture believes upon generosity, it seen as rude to push aside those who ask for help. This value holds even stronger during the month of Ramadan, or the month of fasting. During the month of Ramadan, it is necessary to give to zakat, in the form of donating to the poor.

(19) Wrinkles of Wisdom

In Iraq it is typical belief that wrinkles in old age, are caused from wisdom. For this reason parents, and grandparents are highly respected. In fact it is not only rude, but a disgrace for children to be rude.

(20) Act of War

During the 1991 Maritime Blockade, more than 142,000 tons of bombs had fell upon Iraq. As well as 350 tons of depleted uranium shells, during bombing campaigns.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      no mention of one of the greatest empires of its time. The Assyrian Empire 25th century BC. Its capital Nineveh is still in existence in Iraq. The people/language/artifacts and buildings (built thousands of years ago) still exist till this day. Some of the worlds oldest monasteries belonging to the Assyrians still stand. Many of the artifacts are in museums around the world including iraq, UK, france and USA.

    • cmoneyspinner1tf profile image

      Treathyl FOX 

      7 years ago from Austin, Texas

      This HUB was interesting, useful and NO, I don't want to know any more. That is quite enough to pray about it. Whatever has been missed, I'm confident my God can pick up the slack!

      (P.S. I am also a "tfox".)

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you, for your comment. I hope others will listen to these words.

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 

      7 years ago from Morocco

      Very interesting and well documented! Unfortunately,Iraq is in worse shape than before invasion .

    • LostInRevery profile image


      7 years ago from Maine

      I just wrote an article about the Kurds that I think you would like


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