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Two Poems about nature

Updated on June 10, 2008

Poems #3,4


On canvas large as life the dots appear

cadmium yellow specks in pointillist style

on a base of green – emerald to kelly to fir

Painted by nature itself with the simplest of strokes

and only one subject, a weed to most,

lawn’s dismay, but sun’s delight under tiny chins

Hated by foes, to those who care to see

the pasture glows with cinemascopic beauty:

a feast for the eyes, dandelion wine for the soul.



The invasion begins with a whisper

one breeze calling to comrades-in-arms;

soon breeze becomes gust

and gust becomes torrent

and torrent becomes maelstrom.

Now the helicopters appear

few at first, then dozens,

then whole squadrons too many to count,

swarming about, erasing sky and land

masking all sound by blades’ whirr in flight

Ground troops take cover, digging in,

defending their turf, all but defenseless,

vastly outnumbered, scurrying about

in futile attempts to ward off attack.

Whirligigs continue to land en masse

storming the earth; in minutes victory is theirs,

the fittest surviving by majority rule:

the war is won, the maples live on.



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