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Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist- Must Bring When Travelling

Updated on May 26, 2020
jericurbayo profile image

Jeric is a hospitality professional and part-time blogger. He has been travelling around the world.

Must Bring When Travelling

Getting ready for your next travel adventure? Where is your next travel destinations? Are your bags and backpacks ready? Have you made your ultimate travel packing checklist? If not, here are your tips.

When traveling, we hate forgetting things. In this article, we would like to give you the Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist. Enlisting here the tips on the things and gadgets that are must bring when traveling.

Knowing how to pack a backpack for a long trip is never been easy. Most especially to a lazy person like us. But, simply treat this as a packing checklist and tick off each item as you go. Of course, it really depends on what kind of adventure you’re about to experience on whether it’s trekking a mountain or just a minimal trip so we’ve tried to include items that cater to every kind of adventure!

When it comes to packing, the more you save space the better. Bear in mind that heavy things should be placed at the bottom of the bag and lighter things at the top. Make sure to fold your clothing and garments efficiently. Roll your clothes up rather than folding them if it takes up less room. Stuff that leaks go into the plastic bags and things that you need more frequently during your travel should be placed at the top. But, it would be best if you have a separate small bag for the things that you may need while going to your destination. Bear in mind again that some airlines would allow you only to carry on 1 bag only inside the plane (if traveling by plane).

These tips are for all types of travellers. If you find some of the items are not necessary then you may skip them. So, let us get started to our Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist.

Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist
Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist | Source

Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist- Must Bring When Travelling

These tips are for all types of travelers. If you find some of the items are not necessary then you may skip them. So, let us get started to our Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist.

Must Bring When Travelling

1. Passport

First Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist is your passport. This is the primary document that you have to bring with you when travelling abroad. Unless you are travelling to other countries that don’t require your passports. For example, an Italian passport holder doesn’t need to carry his passport to go any European or Schengen Countries. Please visit your country’s immigration website for more information. Moreover, if you are a European Citizen and travelling Europe only, you can just bring any of the following IDs: Driver’s License, National ID, or Permanent Residence card. However, when travelling through the air, some airlines still require all their passengers to present their passports before boarding. Therefore, it is still highly advisable to bring your passport with you when traveling to another country.

Before travelling, make sure that your passports are still valid. In other words, the passport should be atleast 6 months before it expires. Many countries require your passport to have 6 months validity remaining before they will allow to enter a country. Always check your expiry date. Personally speaking (author), I already experienced this.

A story of mine…

Without checking my passport’s validity, we book a holiday to Bali, India. 4 days before traveling, I was very excited to pack my stuff. I saw my passport and managed to read check it. It was already 5 months before it expires before. I tried my luck to go to the passport bureau of my country. I was advised that they only extend passport validity for emergency purposes. Behind that, I still tried my luck to show at the airport. I passed the immigration. I thought they will stop me from there. At that moment I was lucky. When it was already boarding time, the agent of the airline found out that my passport is no longer valid to travel to the country I am going to. They stopped me and I ruined my new year holiday in Bali. Lesson learned.

Getting ready for your next travel adventure? Where is your next travel destinations? Are your bags and backpacks ready? Have you made your ultimate travel packing checklist? If not, here are your tips.

When traveling, we hate forgetting things. In this article, we would like to give you the Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist. Enlisting here the tips on the things and gadgets that are must bring when traveling.

2. Amazing Clothes

This is the hardest part: choosing clothes. Second, to the Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist is clothing. Always remember to bring suitable clothes. For example, do not bring heavy clothes when planning to go to the beach. Before traveling, make sure to check the weather of the destination you are going to. In addition, bring only what you need.

Most importantly, consider what kind of activities you might be doing during your travels so that you are prepared with the right apparel – whether you’ll be hiking, snorkeling, skiing, partying, or just sightseeing around the centre, you’ll need to have appropriate getup. So, f you’re going on a long trip, make sure to bring enough items. You may want to check if your hot has laundry service so that you can plan very well how many clothes to bring.

3. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated along the road. Another Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist is to bring a water bottle. No one can afford to get hospitalized during a very nice trip. Plus, it is always good to save mother earth by bringing our own carry on a reusable water bottle. This is not only good for the environment but also a great way to save money so that you don’t have to keep buying every time you get thirsty.

4. Cash

Yes. Nowadays no one can move without money. This is absolutely a must to include on your Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist. Money drives your travel experience. Make sure you are in enough budget. Budget how much cash you’d need for each day and work from there.

If you are travelling abroad, check their currencies. Make sure to check currency exchange rates. Bear in mind that it is always best to change the money outside the airport. Find a local currency exchange with the best rates rather than changing your cash in the airport.

5. Credit Card

Cashless as we say. Do not bring so much cash with you. Do not carry your 30,000 euro cash with you. First, it is not safe. Second, it is heavy.

6. Medicine

This is very important. Painkillers or allergy tablets should always be with you. Also, keep handy your headaches, muscle aches, period pains, stomach aches painkillers- just incase. If you have special medicines, do not ever forget to bring them. Make them your priority. You will never know if the pharmacies along the way have your medicine or not.


Say “CHEESE!!!!” Cameras, do not forget to bring them. If you just want to have a memory of your trip, then no need to buy expensive cameras. Your phone is enough.

8. Cellphone

This is a super must in our ultimate travel packing checklist. Nowadays, phones are necessities. Phones are very important when traveling. Besides using your phone to make memories, you use it too for GPS and navigation. Above all, the phone is a necessity for travelers to share their happy moments.

9. GPS/ Map

Likewise, download Google map or any navigating map that is available in the destination you are about to experience. Having access to a GPS App on your mobile phone will be a lifesaver when you’re trying to navigate around the area. Download or City Mapper and you’ll be sorted. But, make also a handy physical map with you. You never know if you’ll have a good signal using GPS, or your phone battery might die. So, it is very helpful to have a handy map.

10. First Aid Kit

Meanwhile, the first aid kit should also be included on the ultimate travel packing checklist. You will never know what can possibly happen along your journey. For instance, you are going to hike a mountain. First aid kit is a must to bring just in case of injury.

11. Chargers

Let us also include the charger into the ultimate travel packing checklist. Never forget to pack your chargers. Charger for laptop, cameras, phones, radios, etc. Chargers are as much as important as your phones to bring. No one wants to get drained in the middle of selfie happiness, right?

© 2020 Jeric Urbayo

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    • lizmalay profile image


      14 months ago from USA

      I couldn't agree more with your list, Jeric. I think it's essential to do the list for all items you want/must bring with you. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • jericurbayo profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeric Urbayo 

      14 months ago from Florence, Italy

      Thank you so much! Definitely that is a money-saving strategy.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      14 months ago from UK

      You have made a useful list. I would add, ensure the water bottle is empty when passing through security and look for credit cards that don't charge high transaction fees for use abroad.


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