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Unbelievable Ice Hotel Sweden

Updated on November 22, 2015

You will need a scarf when visiting Sweden

There may be hundreds of grand hotels in Sweden, but the ice hotel in the tiny village of Jukkasjärvi of northern Lapland, is probably the most unique to visit. Unbelievable but what you read is right - it is a hotel made of ice!

Yes it is built with ice. Can you imagine how cold it might be? Aside from being very cold, you will be mesmerized with everything you are going to experience inside. Come explore with the Ice Hotel of Sweden in this article.

The Icy Bedroom of Sweden Ice Hotel


All About Ice Hotel Sweden

Building ice structures has always been a grand tradition for the village people, and this distinct tradition became the inspiration for the hotel's creation. Rightfully named, Ice Hotel is made up thousands of tons of snow and pure ice. Situated just 200 km above the Arctic Circle, Jukkasjärvi is the perfect setting for the hotel as its chilly arctic climate can sustain massive ice structures for a long period of time. The River Thorne, which surrounds the village, is the primary source for the blocks of ice and snow used to build the hotel.


The Ice Hotel bedrooms are open to anyone but there a separate building adjacent to the hotel where all your things can be kept safe. All the bathing activities are also done there.

Map of Arctic Circle, Jukkasjärvi Sweden where the Ice Hotel can be found

981 92 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

get directions

View of the hallway when Ice Hotel starts to melt


Ice Bar at the Ice Hotel


Touring Ice Hotel Sweden

Aside from being the first hotel in the world to be made of ice, it is also considered to be a great art project, making it a premier tourist attraction in Sweden that draw visitors from all around the world. Every summer, the Ice Hotel's formidable ice structure beautifully melts under the glistening sun. Hundreds of workers then gather each November to rebuild the hotel in time for the peak winter season which lasts until spring. Talented artists are invited to make chairs, tables and other fancy ice decorations, making Ice Hotel not just a place of accommodation but a massive art museum. Spending even one night in this hotel can be quite a memorable experience. You can be one of the lucky 100 guests the hotel accommodates and be treated to ice themed furniture and unique amenities.

Mongolian Cashmere Ultra-Light will help you feel warm, but with a lighter touch of fabric.

Tips for your Ice Hotel Sweden vacation

  • Make full use of the great additional warm gear you can borrow for free from the hotel.
  • Collect your sleeping bag just before you go to bed, or store it in the warm room lockers – don’t put it in the ice room and go off leaving it there.Double sleeping bags are available for those of you with extra warm-blooded partners.
  • Only wear one layer to bed – believe me it works!
    Make sure you don’t need to go to the toilet during the night
    Once in your sleeping bag, never, never get out of it until the following morning!

The Ice Bar and the Ice Church

Just the mere exploration of the hotel's interior is very rewarding as it is filled with several striking sections and exquisite details. The main hall and reception area are occupied with ice chairs and ice chandeliers. The beautiful Ice Church is a renowned to be an amazing venue for couples to wed or renew their marriage vows. Another notable section is the hip and stylish Ice Bar, which serves drinks in glasses made completely out of ice. The hotel offers the signature ice and snow rooms and suites as well as warmer lodging arrangements.

The Ice Hotel Sweden Church


Amazing view from the inside of the Ice Church


Ice Hotel Activities You Can Try

While staying at or visiting the Ice Hotel, you can also engage in other exciting tours and events that the hotel's activity desk offers. Some of the popular tours provided are snowmobile safaris, husky sleighing, ice fishing, river rafting and canoeing. To complement your wonderful stay at the hotel, go for a Northern Light tour, which promises an incredible experience, especially from December to January, when the sun never rises above the horizon. The regular ice sculpting classes organized by the hotel is a nice opportunity to exercise your creativity while mingling with other guests. Enjoy the evening by having dinner at the Ice Hotel Restaurant, which specializes in a world-class a la carte menu in a modern Scandinavian setting.

Important Note

The Ice Hotel very much deserves to be on your list of must visit unique attractions.

Kalix Löjrom with smoked bleak & pickled red onions served on ice


Watch this brief Ice Hotel Sweden footage

Handy Tip

The best time to visit the Ice Hotel Sweden is typically in December. During this month, you can get to witness the rigorous yet creative building process of the rest of the hotel. Due to its wide popularity, it is highly recommended to book a room at the Ice Hotel at least a year in advance. If you are not able to secure an accommodation, you can still enjoy a daytime visit of the hotel, with the option of a guided tour.


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    • Mary Cimeni profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Cimeni 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      Great. I'd love to come to Finland one day.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Amazing! I hear there's one in Finland as well.

    • Mary Cimeni profile imageAUTHOR

      Mary Cimeni 

      5 years ago from Philippines

      YOu're welcome CraftytotheCore!

    • CraftytotheCore profile image


      5 years ago

      This is incredible! I've never heard of this place. I love the interesting facts and photos about it. Thanks so much for writing about this.


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