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Underwater World, Sentosa - A Fabulous Tourists Attraction in Singapore

Updated on February 2, 2014

An Incredibly Diverse a World under Water

During my trip to Singapore last summer, I happened to visit a number of tourists spots including Sentosa, a nearby Island. Though each spot there has its own importance and attraction yet 'Underwater World' at Sentosa impressed me most. Since this visit was a part of the total package, time constraints notwithstanding, there were enough opportunities for understanding and entertainment. Guided tour created background to comprehend and maximise out of this visit.

I have seen a number of aquariums depicting underwater life at a small scale in different cities but the enormity, diversity and grandeur of underwater creatures in this oceanarium were overwhelming.

I thought of sharing this experience with fellow Hubbers

Entrance and Moving Travellator at Underwater World

Moving Travellator
Moving Travellator | Source

Journey to Underwater World

Visit to this Oceanarium is an educative experience where one gets an opportunity to have a glimpse of nearly 2500 marine creatures pertaining to 250 species. There is an 83 meter long acrylic tunnel which one covers by a slow moving travellator and experiences the nearest possible views of these creatures, some as near as at a touching distance from one's body or passing overhead. It eliminates the need for diving deep to the sea to have a glimpse of these unique animals. Also travellator saves lot of walking and helps devoting more time to observe the fish and other marine animals and enjoy their movements and shapes.

Even before actually entering the building of this unique world, one starts getting the feel of it from the ambiance it presents outside the entrance. Many marine organisms swim in the pools as if they are welcoming you as you touch and feel them. Asia's largest oceanarium has a lot of thrill to offer while watching tropical fish and other marine life.



A Jellyfish really looks magical. Lacking any specialised system in their bodies like respiratory, digestive or central nervous system, these fishes go on changing shapes. At Underwater World, not only their appearances change but they are seen changing their colours also due to reflection of lights through the media in their containers. Tourists remain glued and spend quite some time to witness the magical movements of Jellyfish.

Wonderful Leafy Sea Dragon


These Sea Dragons are mostly found in Southern and Western Coasts of Australia and are called leafy because of the leaflike protrusions on their bodies. Their movements present an illusion of floating seaweeds and the male sea dragon takes care of the eggs. Watching their movements is a treat to eyes.

Clown Fish


Tiny blackish Clown fishes with white patches attract the tourist not only because of their appearance but also for their mutuality in relationship with sea anemones. Sea anemones' preference to attach themselves to the coral reefs makes it a unique combination with mutual benefits for these natives of Indian and Pacific Ocean

Coconut Crabs


Coconut Crabs are known to have capability of climbing a tree and bring down a coconut. Not only that, these crabs are able to open up a coconut collectively and enjoy eating. They are also known as robbers by virtue of their getting attracted to new objects and stealthily taking them away. Coconut crab is considered to be a delicacy but its pinch is painful. In view of its being vulnerable species there are preservation efforts in some parts of the world.

More varieties of Crabs

King Crab
King Crab | Source

Apart from coconut crab there are other crabs like Rainbow crab (a great fighter), Vinegar crab (hole maker), Decorator crab (camouflager), Spider crab (Japanese giant) and Box crab. It is interesting to see the colourful varieties of sea creatures which otherwise are dreaded by human beings because of their pinching characteristic.

Nurse Sharks


Watching a shark so closely is always a thrilling experience. Nurse sharks are normally inactive during the day but behave as a nocturnal animals. They have relatively small mouth and their prays are not of large size. Since nurse sharks tend to acquire large sizes, they are not much popular as home aquarium animals and it is a pleasure to see them in this Oceanarium.

Small fish Galore


It looks like a different world, so colourful and full of living creatures. It is difficult to imagine it sitting above ground and it is overwhelming to see from close quarters. There seems to be an attempt to make it to look as real as possible.



Seahorses are normally small-sized, inept swimmers and, in fact, the slowest moving fish. They swim upright and can easily be identified by the peculiar well-defined necks. In the absence of scales, each species is recognised by the number of rings in their bodies, They are unique as the male bear the unborn young. Not very common in home aquaria, Underwater World provides an unique opportunity to watch them from closely.



There is a separate pool for turtles. A wide variety including endangered species are available in this Pool. Not only there is an opportunity to enjoy the dives of turtle but one can have the pleasure of feeding them also at specified timings. In fact one is so near to these marine animals that a feeling of reaching the underworld is experienced.

Watch closely the Underwater World

Seal and Dolphin Shows

Dolphins are known to be intelligent and friendly wth human beings. It is because of this attitude that the humans have played with them and taught them many tricks. Dolphin and Fur Seal Lagoon next to Underwater World has many shows during the day to highlight the friendly behaviour of these beautiful marine creatures.

An open air theater around the crystal clear water where dolphins and fur seals perform is normally full to its capacity to witness their tricks. There is interaction also with fur seals while they carry out these tricks. Precision in the tasks performed by the dolphins and fur seals and their capacity to follow the human commands stun the visitors.

Dolphin Lagoon

The Indo-Pacific Humpbacked Dolphins at the Underwater World are capable of learning various actions like balancing a basket ball and waiving their fins. 'Swim with the Dolphin Programme' affords an opportunity to the tourists to interact with dolphins under supervision. Since they are carnivores, a quick drop of fish serves as a reward for every action they do and dolphins plunge back to the water.

Visit Dolphin and Fur Seal - 1

Visit Dolphin and Fur Seal - 2

Foot Reflexology

My regrets that I missed foot pedicure here because of paucity of time. Turkish spa fishes do it for you as you put your feet in a warm pool. Your feet are cleaned of dead skin and you enjoy their smoothness. It is like relaxation therapy.

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  • srsddn profile image

    srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

    rebeccamealey, It was a family trip to Singapore and the credit for photos goes to my little son who helped all along. Dolphins are really wonderful and all of us enjoyed the show. The Underwater World is really a unique opportunity to learn a lot about marine life. Thanks for visiting my Hub.

  • srsddn profile image

    srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

    Hi Suzie, I presume there are many changes during the last about three decades at Sentosa. The Underwater World there started functioning in early 90's and I sure this would be a new attraction along with many others for you at Sentosa. Singapore certainly is a wonderful place. Thanks for liking the pictures. In fact, my school going son helped in that.

    Special thanks for voting up, ..., ..., ..., .... It is always a pleasure to have your comments.

  • rebeccamealey profile image

    Rebecca Mealey 4 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

    What stunning photos. I hope you are entering those in some sort of competition? I love dolphins, they are my favorite animal, aside from dogs of course. Once while boating, we had one jump on board with us! It was fascinating!

  • Suzie HQ profile image

    Suzanne Ridgeway 4 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

    Hi srsddn,

    What a wonderful trip you had and i was lucky enough to have visited Singapore and Sentosa Island in the 80's. i don't remember this attraction which certainly would be worth a visit judging by your stunning photos and descriptions of different sea life there. Singapore is a beautiful place to see and Sentosa Island a gem. Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories spent there while introducing me to a new attraction, voted up, useful, interesting and shared.

    Your own pics are gorgeous, congrats!