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Underwater World of Alanya, Turkey

Updated on March 7, 2013

Reasons for coming to Alanya, Turkey to Scuba Dive.


With the growth of tourism across the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey, Scuba Diving Centres have opened in most of holiday resorts with Alanya being one such area. Although many of these Scuba Diving Centres concentrate on impromptu dives for those who have never thought of trying before but they also offer a range of dive sites for qualified divers. The Centres are ready to continue with internationally recognised training courses for those first time divers who are then seduced by the silent world.

Further courses are also available for the Qualified Divers who wish to expand their knowledge.


Over the recent years the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey has become an increasingly popular area with Qualified Scuba Divers.

While marine life may not be as abundant as in the tropical seas, the Turkish coast is rich with underwater historical artefacts allowing the diver to encounter to at firsthand a pile of broken amphora or ancient pottery. There are also the wrecks and together with purposely sunken boats and planes offer a varied experience.

With its good visibility and warm water Turkey is a great option for divers of all abilities.


The environment in Alanya is ideal for a great holiday diving experience. Almost all of the dives take place by the magnificent Alanya Rock, which divides Alanya into an Eastern and a Western part. The underwater landscape varies from reefs to walls to drop-offs and caverns.

The Rock gives home to many different plants and fish, with the chance to see a wide range of sea life including grouper, moray, stingrays and beam. The more observant diver will also be able to spot different types of nudibranch and octopus.

For the more experienced divers there may be the opportunity to dive Dropstone Cave where the lucky ones may see the family of seals who have made their home there. But don't worry if you are not experienced enough to enter the cave you may still catch a sight of them in the open water.

There are also regular sightings of Turtles and Common Eagle Rays when diving although these tend to be limited to the deeper dives.

The main diving season is April to October. Diving conditions are excellent throughout this main season with clear blue waters, visibility of up to 30 metres and water temperatures well above 20°c reaching 30°c at the height of the summer.


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