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Use common sense and make your holiday camping safe for everyone

Updated on August 6, 2012

We all get excited and rush around planning the food, you make sure you have packed all the fishing gear and the licenses are all up to date.


How many times have you seen caution go out the window once we service and fuel up the car and arrive at our destination? I am going to suggest a few ideas to make sure this continues to be the great holiday you originally planned.

Use common sense and keep everyone safe then have fun.


Photo by compliments of Murray River Guardian

Tree fell near Cobram without warning.  Luckily the person inside was unharmed.  So be warned it can be risky camping under large overhanging trees.  You may not be so lucky
Tree fell near Cobram without warning. Luckily the person inside was unharmed. So be warned it can be risky camping under large overhanging trees. You may not be so lucky

Points to remember when camping while on holidays

Here are a few to helpmake yours a terrific camping holiday:


  1. Keep our rivers and lakes beautiful.


Always take your rubbish with you when you leave any picnic or holiday venue. Some shires or councils do not supply rubbish bins anymore, as they believe it encourages people to take it with them. Leave the area better than you found it and help keep it beautiful.


2. Toilets


Take your own potty toilet or dig and bury all faeces and toilet paper, never litter. There is nothing worse than going to a picnic site and see it littered with toilet paper.


3. Beware of falling tree limbs.

Never park under any large trees. Some types of trees like red river gums are more dangerous than others. Make sure that you set up your camp, tent or van beyond the overhanging tree branches.

Hot and windy weather can be more dangerous than at other times. Sudden hot then cold changes can cause strong tree limbs to fall for no reason at all. They do not need to be damaged for this to happen.

As we cannot predict when a tree will drop a small or very large limb it is best to be safe than sorry and keep clear at all times.

Do not damage trees, by cutting or marking them. Never climb or attach rope swings to them. We all crave shade on hot days, but we will live longer if we do not park under them.

They give no warning before falling.


4. Protect our flora and fauna.

We all need to take more care and protect our wildlife. If you find an injured animal or bird take it to an animal shelter to receive the care required.




5. Swimming and Boating.

Make sure everyone wears a lifejacket while in any boat. Children need to wear floaties or similar and be watched at all times while near the water.

Beware of submerged logs in rivers and streams. Jumping or diving off banks or partially hidden trees can cause hidden serious dangers.

Never overload the allocated number of people on any boat. Make sure all wear life jackets even when close to shore.

Use your commonsense when navigating the waters in any boat, especially with skiers, fishermen and swimmers also using the water.

6. Motor bikers

Be considerate to the environment and to other holiday maker’s sensitive ears. There is nothing worse while trying to relax and all you hear is the constant buzzing of motor bikes revving back and forth day in and day out.

7. Reducing your rubbish by recycling.

Buy in bulk and empty into reusable containers before you leave- this reduces waste while camping

Do not take plastic bags- use reusable ones

Use reusable cups and plates and cutlery

Divide your rubbish from the recyclable items

8. Fishing lines.

These often become entangled or caught one debri in the water. Where possible never leave these lying about on jetties or on the landscape for birds or small animals to become entangled in.


9. Know your environment and apply suitable rules.

Different safety rules apply for various beaches, lakes, rivers and swimming pools. Obey the water rules wherever you are. Never drink alcohol when swimming. Never swim on your own.


10. Fire safety

Check out the fire regulations before lighting up on any camping holiday.

If fires are allowed, make sure they are supervised. Always throw sand over the remaining fire to assure it is completely out before leaving.

In certain times during total fire bans, gas fires are not even allowed to be used. Use caution at all times, one spark can destroy acres of property and human lives.

So use your common sense. Be sure to keep your loved ones safe.

Novel Bush Toilet- I thought the idea was great

I couldn't resist adding this - we found it while camping in the bush.  They had dug a hole, put a hollow log on top with the toilet seat on top.  How's that for Ingenuity
I couldn't resist adding this - we found it while camping in the bush. They had dug a hole, put a hollow log on top with the toilet seat on top. How's that for Ingenuity


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    • Eileen Hughes profile imageAUTHOR

      Eileen Hughes 

      10 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      brad4, thanks for stopping by. Yes it make you wonder why people enjoy destroying our wonderful countryside. Its like when they leave home they can do as they like because there neighbours arent watching so they dont care. I bet they wouldnt do this in there own yard.

    • brad4l profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      These are some great tips. Like cgull8m, I have also been camping and seen waste thrown about by previous campers. It is really disheartening, because it has a very real and detrimental longterm effect on our environment.

      I think policing up your trash and bringing your trash out with you should be taught and required of all campers.

    • Imaculate Johnson profile image

      Imaculate Johnson 

      10 years ago

      Great hub ! thanks for sharing :)

    • Eileen Hughes profile imageAUTHOR

      Eileen Hughes 

      10 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      cgull, yes people destroy the places by leaving things and rubbish lying around destroying the countryside. thanks for stopping by

    • cgull8m profile image


      10 years ago from North Carolina

      Great Hub Eileen. I wish every one that plans to camp in the future reads this. Here I have seen they throw trash everywhere. They should impose fines on those campers who litter them.


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