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Plan a Birthday Vacation Using Your Sun Sign

Updated on November 1, 2016
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You! | Source

Birthday Destinations by Sun Sign

If you like taking vacations and celebrating your birthday, have you ever thought about taking a vacation for your birthday? A memorable destination is by far one of the best gifts to give yourself or experience with loved ones. But have you ever wondered where to go, what to do? A unique approach to choosing your birthday destination/activity is to plan it according to your corresponding Sun sign. Beat boredom, relive your favorites, and if you're lucky enough to take pleasure in just about any spot on the planet, live it up! Here are some great ideas for you to try:

celebrate your birthday while on vacation
celebrate your birthday while on vacation | Source

If you are an Aries, you enjoy traveling to places where you can be of service to people - such as in developing nations and communities. While it might be an unusual sort of birthday by most peoples' standards, you would rather spend your birthday helping others, instead of putting the spotlight on yourself.

As a Taurus, a cruise appeals to your senses and provides you with ample opportunity to unwind and enjoy the comforts of the ship. Mingling with fellow travelers, getting pampered, and having fun are all in your best interest for your birthday.

For a Gemini, city getaways provide you with enough to sate your curiosity and keep you on your toes. The possibilities are endless, perfect for your unpredictable, free-spirited nature. You are sure to have an exciting birthday.

A Cancer likes to celebrate birthdays alone or with family, taking in famous tourist attractions. You can be seen at amusement and theme parks, and just about anywhere that appeals to your inner child, rather than anything too fancy.

If you are a Leo, your birthdays tend to be elaborate celebrations. London, England is a place where your dynamic personality can be moved by the royal history and your love of the arts - whether visual arts, drama, or music. It is also a place where you are able to express yourself, and you will find yourself totally at home in your surroundings.

As a Virgo, spending time at a resort for an all-inclusive type of birthday lets you relax and provides you with all that you need - within arm's reach. You plan ahead to make the event special, and strive for a worry-free vacation.

For a Libra, a romantic getaway is your ultimate birthday treat. It doesn't have to be a foreign city, as bed and breakfasts can just as easily be enjoyable for you. There is nothing more special to you than to be with the one you love to keep you company for your birthday.

A Scorpio likes the adventure of the Caribbean and beaches. A birthday where you can enjoy the warm climate, the water, the nightlife, and the people is your goal. While you might not necessarily have a birthday party, you like to have fun and live for the spur of the moment.

If you are a Sagittarius, then a golf vacation, being outdoors, and learning something new are essential to a great vacation. You consider adventure your passion, whether it's your birthday or any other day. You are a doer who thrives on challenges to keep you amused.

As a Capricorn, you don't care as much about your destination, as long as you enjoy the experience. You feel appreciated and special when others take the time to remember your birthday, but you won't necessarily go out of your way to tell everyone to help you celebrate it.

For an Aquarius, the thrill of the illustrious Las Vegas, Nevada is the perfect way for you to spend your birthday. You are unconventional, with the desire to have as much fun as you can in order to celebrate.

A Pisces enjoys basking in the sun along the shores of Hawaii for an exotic birthday. Taking in picturesque sites, having your own agenda, and being able to relax are ideal in making the most of your birthday.



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