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Plan a Birthday Vacation Best Suited to Your Sun Sign

Updated on January 15, 2020
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Natasha is a freelance writer and author who has been writing self-help articles for over 20 years.

You Best Vacation is Written in the Stars

A memorable destination is by far one of the best gifts to give yourself or experience with loved ones. Even better when it is for celebrating your birthday! But if you're stumped trying to come up with some ideas on how to spend your special day, a unique approach to choosing an exciting destination/activity is to plan according to your corresponding Sun sign. Beat boredom, relive your favorites, and if you're lucky enough to take pleasure in just about any spot on the planet, live it up, treat yourself, and make plenty of memories with the people you care about the most!

For the Introverts and Romantics

While Capricorns don't care as much about the destination as they do the experience itself Pisces enjoy basking in the sun along exotic shores at their own, relaxing pace, and Libras prefer romantic getaways with that special someone over having an elaborate birthday celebration.

Ideas to try:

For the Thrill Seekers

Every Aquarius is unconventional, with the desire to have as much fun to be found, much like Geminis, who like to be kept on their toes to sate their curiosity with an unpredictable and free-spirited vacation, and Leos whose dynamic personalities thrive on history and the arts. These sun signs appreciate being able to express themselves, typically aren't shy, and they welcome an action-packed setting.

Ideas to try:

For the Philanthropists

Aries enjoy traveling to places where they can be of service to people and help make an lasting impact - such as in developing nations and communities. While it might be an unusual sort of birthday by most peoples' standards, they would rather bond with others by spending time alongside them for a cause than they would want a birthday celebration itself.

Ideas to try:

For the Luxury Lover

Taurus like to unwind and know how to appreciate comfort at its finest, Virgos like to plan ahead so they can relax, and Scorpios warm climates, water, and nightlife. These sun signs combined enjoy mingling with fellow travelers, getting pampered, and having a fun birthday, wherever that leads them.

Ideas to try:

For the Kids at Heart

Cancers like to celebrate birthdays alone or with family, taking in famous tourist attractions, or just about anywhere that appeals to the inner child, rather than anything too fancy, while Sagittarius like the great outdoors, where adventure and learning something new are of personal value.

Ideas to try:

Your Vacation Personality

What Kind of Vacation-goer are you?

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