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Using the Internet to Create a Map or Get Directions

Updated on July 18, 2009

Using the Internet to Create a Map or Get Directions

Wanna get somewhere? In your quest for guidance, consider using one of the many online resources for maps and driving directions. You can lay out a route and obtain street by street directions at no cost. Sites like MapQuest, Yahoo Maps, and Google Maps provide a powerful resource for finding your way. Do we even need huge bound copies of printed maps any more?

Another very cool online tool is offered by sites like Cyclists and runners can create a route, then share it with other enthusiasts. Using a GPS-enabled phone, it's possible to dynamically map your route as you traverse it in real life, then upload it to a site and calculate distance traveled along with elevation changes. Amazing! Check out the Android operating system running on a T-Mobile G1 phone. The application is free; just download it onto the phone and get out there on your bike.


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