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Vacation - Darling Downs Qld.

Updated on December 11, 2009

Vacation Darling Downs.

Situated in Southern Queensland, the Darling Downs is a lush pastoral area. This farming area grows huge crops of sorghum, wheat, barley, cotton, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. Irrigation supplies many of the large acre farms in this region. Major cropping is very successful here due to rich soil.

The old farms still remain with wool sheds and old machinery laying at the side of the old sheds, rusty and from another era.

It is not all flat or gently rolling country however, it also has beautiful waterfalls, and forests along with heritage buildings in many of the towns.

A crop of sunflowers on the Darling Downs.
A crop of sunflowers on the Darling Downs.

The reason the Darling Downs is so rich, is it's role as the drainage area for the water from the Condamine and Maranoa rivers.

The Condamine river begins near the scenic rim mountains and flows westward or inland to Darling Downs from the Great Dividing Range.

The area is a lot more diverse than would be imagined, with beautiful mountains and rivers and a cooler climate as you go south towards the Granite Belt.

For the nature lover this whole area is a delight.

Main Street Toowoomba.


With 4 million acres of rich farming land around it, the largest city in the Darling Downs region is Toowoomba, which supplies the surrounding farming needs, and is a very interesting city.

Typically of Australian country towns Toowoomba has low rise buildings with a wide main street.Toowoomba was established in 1827 and has a population of 95 thousand people. This makes this inland city Australia's second largest inland city behind Canberra.

If you are a wonderer, you can find good accommodation even in these out of the way places, and new accommodation is being added constantly to accommodate more vacationers.

The Main street of Nobby.

One of the many little towns in the region.
One of the many little towns in the region.

Places to see around Darling Downs.

There are many little historic towns throughout Darling Downs and a drive will delight those who love to see old historic towns.

It take little imagination to see the past when a fair amount of it is still in use. Some of the stores in these towns were built when the town was first established, and the wide streets were designed to take huge horse drawn carts filled with produce. The roads are paved in these places, but the streets were left wide. To walk in a quiet peaceful place with streets of this size feels special at least to me.

Granite rocks.

Granite Belt.

In the south of Darling Downs is the cooler Granite belt with wonderful granite formations, pretty little towns and world class wine.

The Queensland College of Wine Tourism is situated here. This region has produced many fine Cabernet Merlot and Shiraz wines.

Situated between Darling Downs and the New England Tablelands the soil is less rich than most of Darling Downs and being cooler is most suitable for wine growing.

There are several National Parks in the region, and like any place with water in this big dry land, it is massed with flora and forna, especially in the parks.

The Condamine River.

Stanthorpe in the Granite Belt.


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