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Vacation - Greater Melbourne Vic.

Updated on December 2, 2009
The Bolte Bridge over the Yarra River.
The Bolte Bridge over the Yarra River.

Melbourne is a very very big city.

Australian cities often sprawl across the areas that are available for building, and Melbourne has a very large bay and coastal area to expand in to which is why it is so open and has so much green space..

Leaving the city there are three directions you can go in. Four if you go by sea.

If you go past Geelong and take the Great Ocean road you will enjoy a close up view of the ocean from the car for most of the trip. It is a wonderful drive that locals take to go on vacation or visit their holiday homes scattered along the coast.

There are many little tourist towns with top accommodation, nightlife and beach culture all through the summer months.

There are many fine places to look out over the ocean from lookout points and from the many restaurants hotels, caravan parks and condos if you decide to stay overnight or a few days.

Looking along St.Kilda Road back towards Melbourne
Looking along St.Kilda Road back towards Melbourne
Hot Sea Baths (and more) in St.Kilda
Hot Sea Baths (and more) in St.Kilda

St. Kilda Sunday Market

St. Kilda

Along the shores of Port Phillip Bay there are many areas that will interest the tourist, among them is the Melbourne suburb of St.Kilda .

St.Kilda can be accessed very easily from the Melbourne CBD by a short Tram ride traveling down the beautiful tree lined St.Kilda Road (more like a boulevard).

In St.Kilda there are many activities to enjoy:-

* Luna Park

Luna Park is a children's entertainment centre that has been a part of St Kilda since the city was founded, it has lots of rides including the scenic railway and big dipper which is an excellent way to see the city from the St Kilda sky. It is quite high for such an old ride and provides a spectacular view.
* Hot Sea Baths.

The hot baths are quite new and a part of a restaurant and entertainment complex built right on the beach

* Sunday Market

Along the St. Kilda esplanade on Sundays in the warm months is a very interesting market that is about a mile long. All types of art can be found here, a lot of it locally made.

* Trendy Acland Street shopping center.

This is the place for cakes and coffee on the sidewalk of this busy social street.

* Walking along the beautiful beach walkways and Pier.

The walkways in St Kilda have cycle paths and roller blade paths where you will see Melbourne's beautiful young things showing their skills and tricks.

* Wind sailing.

There is often a good breeze off the beaches from StKilda to Elwwod where wind sailing is very popular. You can hire a windsurfer and take lessons on the beach. It is pretty safe generally with plenty of help on hand if you are learning.

From the Chair lift at Arthur's Seat.
From the Chair lift at Arthur's Seat.

If you go south from the city you can follow the bay all the way down the coast to the ocean at Portsea 60 miles down the bay. That's right, Port Phillip Bay is BIG.

Safety beach and Sorrento are marvelous places to visit along the way to Portsea summer or winter with beautiful clean beaches these historic townships have a wonderful charm.

You can take toddlers in the water at safety Beach, as it is shallow with calm water.

You can continue on to Phillip Island if you want to see the Koalas in their native habitat or view the world GP circuit on the Island or feed the fairy penguins.

You can take the ferry to Sorrento from St.Kilda Pier in the city or from Queenscliff..

If you head inland from Melbourne you will soon be in forest and the old gold mining country.

From Melbourne you pass through  the Dandenong mountain range which is beautiful forests, little villages, restaurants, pubs, morning teas, gift shops etc.

Keep going and you will be in the snowfields of the Baw Baw mountains which can be reached from several directions, all of them scenic.

This is a lovely area and a good reason to take a week or so to visit Melbourne so you know with some authority about an area of Australia that is not well known Internationally but is as good as anything on offer anywhere.

Luna Park St.Kilda | Just for fun
Luna Park St.Kilda | Just for fun
Scenic Railway, if you like you can admire the scenery!
Scenic Railway, if you like you can admire the scenery!

 Luna Park:

Luna Park, in St.Kilda, is a historic amusement park located on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay.

Designed and developed in 1912 by Fredrick Ingersoll, it has been operating ever since .

Entertaining many generations of families the first thing you are greeted with on arrival is the iconic "Mr. Moon" entrance gateway. (restored lovingly in 1999)

Attraction in the Park include older rides such as :-

    * Scenic Railway claimed to be the oldest continuously -operating roller coaster in the world.
    * Carousel which was built in the USA and restored in 2000.
    * Ghost Train built around 1934.
    * Fairytale castle-style, Dodgem's Building constructed to house the newly patented ride in 1927.

More modern rides including:-

    * Metropolis Roller-Coaster.
    * The Spider
    * Ferris Wheel.

and other rides that is sure to thrill the most thrill thirsty among us!

Luna Park has always remained popular with children and their parents who have fond memories of the park from their childhood years.


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      Emrah 2 years ago

      I am another rugby pyilang architect actually And I am so close to the Turkish national team (fingers crossed).You inspire me so much. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I hope I can meet you in person some day. You've done and keep doing a great job. Congradulations.