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Vacation - Hamilton Island Qld.

Updated on December 8, 2009

Vacation Hamilton Island.

Hamilton Island is purely a resort Island. There is an airport here for those who would rather fly in to the Island.than arrive by boat.

Vehicles are not permitted on Hamilton Island with the obvious exception of service vehicles.

Tourist get around on foot or rented golf buggy.There is a championship golf course on neighboring Dent Island.

Accommodation is 4 and 5 star resorts, private beach side bungalows with resorts right on the beach front with their own pools as well.

The bungalows are a good choice for those who wish to mix it with the cocatoos, wallabies and kangaroos.

This is how you get around the Island. Lots of fun to drive!
This is how you get around the Island. Lots of fun to drive!

The bushland covers a large part of the Island, so a bush walk can be another enjoyable part of your day.

You can climb up to the peaks for spectacular views of the Islands, or just walk and take in the native wildlife.

With diving and snorkelling, sailing, jet skis or yacht charter there is plenty of fun things to do for at least 3 weeks without even exploring the area outside the Island, which could easily take up another three weeks.

This is the place for adventurous spirits who want to go back home with photos that will recall how it was in paradise!

Typical Hamilton Island accommodation.
Typical Hamilton Island accommodation.

Resorts on Hamilton Island

If you really want the best accommodation when on holiday Hamilton Island provides luxury resorts that are not only world class, but the settings chosen for these high quality resorts will take your breath away!

Like the resort pictured where you almost feel like you live IN the sea!

Food and facilities are superb, the chefs here have to know how to cook an enormous array of food to satisfy the many International visitors, so the resort food is delicious always.

Seafood here is out of the pristine water to the kitchen then your plate. Crayfish and the huge prawns are favorites of mine. When you are amongst fresh seafood, that is the time to order from the ocean.

There is plenty of shade along the beaches so it is common for vacationers to stay by the water for a lot of the day, eating, drinking cocktails and having a swim.

Plush first class bedroom in Resort on Hamilton Island
Plush first class bedroom in Resort on Hamilton Island

The vacationer is well catered for in every area on Hamilton, and if you like a super comfortable place to rest after a hard day doing the things you love, you can be assured of a good night sleep in the Hamilton Island resorts.

Ocean views are common but be early to book the more expensive rooms, as many who come here regularly like their luxury, and resorts do get booked out at the top end of the market.

You can charter a boat or hire a helicopter to explore the rest of the Island group. You can see the beauty of the Islands and the sea around them from a helicopter better than any other means, and a helicopter tour is recommended.

There are even professional photography lessons on the Island, to show you how to get the most out of those great vacation pictures you will take.

The Island from above. This is the view from your helicopter.
The Island from above. This is the view from your helicopter.

Hamilton Island

The color of the sea and sky is so vivid, as areĀ  the spectacular sunrise and sunsets, the moon that you feel you can touch through the pristine night sky full of more stars than you can imagine seen through totally clean ocean air.

This is a part of the world where nature is cherished and observed, the conservation of this environment being paramount to Australia in retaining this unique sea and land based ecological wilderness.

Hamilton is a first class vacation place for a major unwind where you can be in the thick of social life or in complete solitude in minutes..


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