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Vacation Plans ruined

Updated on July 13, 2010
My favorite southern spot to fish, Apalachicola,Fl bay
My favorite southern spot to fish, Apalachicola,Fl bay

Vacation plans foiled by the every menacing oil spill.

This would have been the first vacation for me since that pesky Kidney failure. My daughter got herself married last year and then my wife in her infinite wisdom listened to my only daughter and planed a trip to Destin Florida.This was supposed to be a wedding present.

My wife and daughter rented two house's on the beach side by side with a pool and hot tub. I suspected they were going to invite about thirty of their closed friends and a couple of mine as well.

Fishing is the only reason I agreed to this as if it would have made a difference. I was out gunned on this decision, but I had to have the house without kids or young drunk folks.

I was going to invite my only friend with a boat and of course his wife could come also. Mike is the same guy that shared my trip in Alaska if you have read any of my other blogs, he's the dude with 45-70 Marlin rifle across his lap.

This was a simple trip except for all the crap I had to go through in order to let someone stick me in the arm with those dam railroad spikes they call needles, or normally called a Dialysis Center.

Long and behold there was a little accident out there somewhere in the gulf and gods decided to lay a coat of oil on the beach where I wanted to fish. If this was bad enough the rental management company told my wife that they were not going to refund any of her over  $2,000.00 down payment. that the owners were under no obligation to do so.

We checked with other rental officials in the area of Destin, Fl and all of them were refunding deposits to their clients, in hopes of keeping the customer base for better times. So as you just might imagine we will never rent with this organization ever again and now we are relegated to making a claim with BP Oil to get our refund. I just wonder how far the BP Oil company will go in the filing rental  claims.

We have been going to the North Florida area for years usually around the Apalachicola area,they have the best oysters and red fish flats. You know when ever you vary from area of interest to you its never the same. My friend Mike and I have been going fishing to the St George area for several years now and always catch lots of fish,have several cook outs ,plenty oysters raw and cooked, why in the hell would we ever want to change now.

I guess the crooks of this story is the terrible way we were treated by the rental agency in Destin,Fl, do you think you might ask any rental agency about acts of Oil company's or oil spills and standing oil on the beach. The main reason why people go to Florida is the beach, other wise we would stay in a less expensive motel inland somewhere just to fish.

In closing I hope other people take notice to the behavior of the local rental agencies in Destin Florida,I promised my wife I wouldn't divulge the rental agencies name ,Yet.


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  • bountyhunter_ga profile image

    bountyhunter_ga 7 years ago from Dwasonville,Ga

    Update,after fighting with the rental company for a few months and putting in a claim with BP also. After my Kidney transplant was scheduled for September. The rental finely agreed to return all money after they found out my mother had just died and I was scheduled with proof. The company also tryed to say we didn't purchase the insurance and that in case of medical cancellation. They sent us a check and was happy to do it, I guess they were feeling pressure. Thank everyone for responding,This has taught us a valuable about making reservations with non owner rental companies.

  • ltfawkes profile image

    ltfawkes 7 years ago from NE Ohio

    Outrageous. Good luck with your fight.


  • bountyhunter_ga profile image

    bountyhunter_ga 7 years ago from Dwasonville,Ga

    My friend that's exactly what I have planed, I promised my wife I would play nice to start with though,she has red hair an an attitude that scares me and I', fearless. Thank you my friend it's good to know there is still some real people out there.

  • profile image

    humpstuff 7 years ago

    I would threaten the rental company with exposure and if they still wouldn't give me a refund I would tell the world about them. Facebook ,twitter, my space, put a video on you tube.