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Vacation - Sydney NSW.

Updated on December 7, 2009
Sydney Harbour Bridge at night fall
Sydney Harbour Bridge at night fall

Vacation Sydney

Sydney is a playground of beaches, nightlife and food. It is a huge city and without doubt one of the worlds most beautiful.

The harbor itself is massive, and can handle an enormous amount of shipping.

The annual Sydney to Hobart race on Boxing day is an awesome display of ocean going racers and thousands of privately owned boats join the fleet as they leave Sydney harbor and disappear out through the Sydney Harbor heads to the ocean and on to Hobart.

The sydney to Hobart is a long and treacherous race that has cost lives.

Recreational boating is a big favorite of Sydney residents as can be seen by the number of privately owned boats in the harbor at any time. There is plenty of good boating weather.

I have worked in Sydney on a few occasions and this city boogies!

Sydney is alive and vibrant anytime any day or night, with so much choice of night life it could take months to see it fully.

Parks in Sydney are very popular for walking.
Parks in Sydney are very popular for walking.

Inner Sydney

The amazing thing about the inner city is how busy it is! So many people live in or close to the city centre that shopping is everywhere, and on hot or cold days you can shop in huge underground shopping complexes throughout the city centre. When you live in the heart of the city, even fresh vegetables are available 24/7 in several inner city shopping centres.

I have often stayed in the heart of the city overlooking Pitt Street with the monorail running along the street it was easy to get anywhere and the shopping is amazing in the huge Pitt St. Mall.

Down Town Sydney
Down Town Sydney

Downtown Sydney.

In the city centre you have an interesting mixture of very old and very new in architecture.

as you can see, in this photo the mono rail sits on on the side of the old buildings and the modern skyscraper in the background. What you do not see in the photo is the massive underground shopping precinct!

The inner city of Sydney has some of the best shopping centres in the world with many new air conditioned underground arcades. If it gets hot on the streets, just go shopping!

Bondi Beach one of the popular Sydney Surf beaches
Bondi Beach one of the popular Sydney Surf beaches
Mona Vale Beach.
Mona Vale Beach.

Sydney beaches

Sydney boasts some of the best beaches in Australia some say in the World.

there are 151 beaches in Sydney!

Among them you will find :-

Bondi Beach is probably the most popular beach in Sydney and the name of the surrounding suburb.
Bondi Beach is located 7 kilometres east of the Sydney business district, and is the favorite beach for the many Surfers and beach lovers who live in or visit Sydney.

Bondi Beach was added to the Australian National Heritage List in 2008.

Coogee is an ocean beach with resort facilities and lots of space.

Coogee is famous for it's lifeclub and its water sport.

North Cronulla is another Sydney beach with facilities for day visitors in Sydney's south.

Wanda beach is more open with less facilities. This is a long beach where seclusion is easy to find.

Dee Why beach has shade and tourist facilities quite close to the city.

Narrabeen beach is a well known surf beach in the north of Sydney to name a few.

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House
Luk Chai the first elephant to be born in Taronga Zoo
Luk Chai the first elephant to be born in Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo, officially opened in 1917, is located in the suburb of Mosman on the shores of Sydney Harbour. Approx 5 miles (8 km ) from the heart of Sydney.
Taronga Zoo is managed by the Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales under the trading name "Taronga Conservation Society" along with Dubbo's Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

Taronga Zoo is home to over 2,600 animals on 21 hectares, making it one of the largest of its kind anywhere in the world.
The Zoo is the birth place of Luk Chai the first Asian elephant calf born in Australia.

luk chai baby elephant


Sydney Harbour from the air
Sydney Harbour from the air


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