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Vacation -Tasmania

Updated on December 3, 2009
Cradle Mountain overlooking Dove Lake
Cradle Mountain overlooking Dove Lake

Vacation Tasmania.

Australia's Island state has untouched wilderness, beautiful built heritage buildings built with skilled convict labor that form a part of Australia's earliest history.

Tasmania also has the coolest climate in Australia and a population of just 500,000

In recent years Tassie as it is known to most Australians is becoming less of a secret to Eco tourists who rightfully love this state.

Tasmania has some of Australia's oldest history, and was once the home of many aboriginal people who occupied the Island for at least 36,000 years before white settlement. The Palawa people were the original inhabitants.

Tasmania also has a large penal colony that is mostly preserved.


Mount Wellington overlooks the capital city Hobart
Mount Wellington overlooks the capital city Hobart

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania

The capital city of Tasmania is Hobart , and is located in the south east corner of the state and is at the foot of Mount Wellington and is the finishing port of the great yacht race called "Sydney Hobart Yacht Race"

For more information on Hobart please visit our Hub on Hobart


The Island State

Tasmania is 150 miles south of Melbourne and is the 26th largest world Island covering 26,096 square miles.

37% of the state wilderness is covered by National and world heritage and is unspoiled..

The Island is 180 miles wide and 226 miles long.

The beautiful pristine condition of rivers and mountains make Tasmania quite unique, and the Tasmanians are very proud of the fights they have won to keep it that way!

Tasmanian Devil thanks to Wayne McLean/Wikipedia
Tasmanian Devil thanks to Wayne McLean/Wikipedia

It is a bit colder in Tasmania than the other southern states due to it's position further towards the antarctic.Good rainfall and four distinct seasons make for a lush green Island of plenty.

Wineglass Bay on the east coast is truly beautiful to see, as is Cradle Mountain and it's surrounds.

The rivers in Tasmania mostly start inland near the centre of the Island and so waterways are a major feature, as are the mountains and forests that occupy a lot of Tasmania.

Tasmania has some of the tallest trees in the world. Their are a group of Huan pines that are 10,000 years old.

The state is named after Abel Tasman the dutch explorer who first saw the Island in 1642.

The Tasmanian devil seen to the right can be seen in the zoos but is no longer available in the wild,

Stanley often referred to as 'The Nut'
Stanley often referred to as 'The Nut'

Stanley Tasmania

Stanley is a fishing port in North western Tasmania. This is a beautiful little town with original cottages and historic buildings.

The town is dominated by the Nut, a flat topped unusual headland respendant with a chair lift to see the view.

Port Arthur
Port Arthur

Port Arthur Tasmania.

Port Arthur is a former convict settlementĀ  of great historical significance.

Named after George Arthur the Govenor at that time.


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    • VacationAustralia profile image

      VacationAustralia 2 years ago from Australia

      @Hazel, sorry I can't really give you anything to help your course!

      The reason the Director asked you to leave is probably the fact that the Retreat is located within a National Park !

      It is against the Law to bring a dog or any pet into a National Park not just in Tasmania but in most parts of Australia!

      You might like to check out this link from the Parks a Wildlife Service website:

      I'm sure your Rotty is a wonderful dog but there are many reasons for not allowing pets into our National Parks !

      Sorry I could not be more helpful :)

    • profile image

      Hazel 3 years ago

      I was wandering if sooneme could give me a heads up on a bit of knowledge regarding a Buddhist's Retreat and a Buddhist obligation to ALL sentient beings. I'm currently staying at a Buddhist retreat as a Volunteer with my 11 year old most beautifully natured Rotty. ALL the Volunteers living within the centre in which my Rotty reside- love him! No other Volunteer has reason to approach the house in which I'm staying in. So my Rotty is in a loving environment. Today I was approached by the Director requesting that I get my dog off the premises as they are concerned that the Parks & Wildlife organisation will address my dog being within the premises. (Note- My dog is tied to a 40 meter running cable so cannot run off into any neighboring homes, Once again I have to re-iterate that my dog is one of the most beautiful loving no aggressive dogs you could ever meet)My query, Is there some legal term/insight that anyone knows that I could use in retaliation to the Directors request? That being knowledge that would help bring apposing light with regard to the Parks&Wildlife Org & Buddhism Thank you so much.