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Vacation - Whitsunday Islands Qld.

Updated on December 2, 2009

Paradise calling!

If you have never been to the Great Barrier Reef or the Whitsunday Islands you have not been to tropical heaven yet!

Of all the beautiful places in Queensland, and there are thousands, Whitsunday Island is very high on the list and for very good reasons.

There are 4 groups of islands in fact.

  • The Whitsunday group.

  • The Linderman group,
  • The Mole group
  • the Northern group.

They have resorts and some of the most beautiful colored ocean surrounding these Islands because of the white sand and coral reefs the colors are brilliant.

Whitsunday Island.

Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Island Click to enlarge.
Whitehaven Beach Whitsunday Island Click to enlarge.


This group of Islands attracts many tourists from around the world for many reasons.

Having spent some time on the Islands around here it is easy to see what attracts them.

There are seventy four Unspoilt Islands in the Whitsunday island group. The Islands are mostly National Parks

This is a highly prized group of Islands that are kept in pristine condition.No pollution here. Strict camping rules and strong environmental safeguards have ensured the area remains the habitat for much wonderful flora and fauna.

Cid Harbour provide safe anchorage and Gulnare Inlet provides another place of refuge for boats.

Beach on Whitsunday Island.
Beach on Whitsunday Island.

Only eight Islands have resort facilities, the others being mostly National Parks have access but limited resources.

There are few places in the world that match these Islands for sheer beauty and peaceful seclusion. The facilities are first class as you would expect from such an exotic location.

These Islands have changed with weather and time I guess, but they sure seem timeless when you lay on the beach and look at all that stunning pale and dark azure water!

The water around the Island is teeming with crayfish and other delicious marine life, which is offered fresh from the ocean in almost every resort.

The whitsunday passage with whitsunday Island in the background.
The whitsunday passage with whitsunday Island in the background.

Sailing in the Whitsunday Passage is peaceful and serene, as the water is well sheltered from heavy weather by the larger Islands. Light craft use these waters so keep your eyes open if you have rented a big boat to travel through the Whitsunday Passage as it can get busy in the water near the Islands.

This is one of the worlds most amazing places, where natural unspoilt beauty is all around you for the whole trip through the Whitsunday Islands.

The perfect combination of nature and romance.

visit the Whitsundays

Whitsunday Beaches.

There are so many pretty shaded places and varieties of settings on Whitsunday Island beaches that you will never tire of looking at the pure white sand and amazing azure waters that invite you to go and join the fish in their paradise.

Snorkeling in these waters allows you to enjoy the beautiful colored fish and clean sand bottom interspersed with coral.The visibility is truly so clear up in this part of Queensland it is hard to believe at first, and underwater photography rewards the photographer with cristal clear images unavailable in most places.

The beaches on the Islands are so white.
The beaches on the Islands are so white.

Whisunday resort.

One of several resorts on Whitsunday Island.
One of several resorts on Whitsunday Island.


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    • VacationAustralia profile image

      VacationAustralia 8 years ago from Australia

      Hey Candie you had better pack two sets of Scuba Gear as you are the master diver you must teach me to dive. It is one one of the few things left on my bucket list. LOL

    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 8 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      Hey Guys! Love the Great Barrier Reef!! Wish I looked that great in a bikini!! (LOLOL!) But to get the opportunity to dive here would be a dream come true! I'm packing my scuba gear!