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Vancouver's Queen Elizabeth Park

Updated on September 15, 2010

 Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park is the perfect spot for so many occasions and age groups. It’s many picturesque paths and viewing points make it a great place for a romantic walk. Plus there are many spots in the quarry gardens and out in the greenery that give you a sense of privacy for those few stolen kisses.

It’s Bloedel Conservatory and Celebration Pavilion offer great venues for just about any major event you may be having. The gardens are great spots for wedding pictures as well.

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 The many activates available and vast open greenery are great places to have picnics, let your kids run around, or have friends out for a barbeque.

It’s waterfalls, bridges and flower beds just may be the perfect inspiration for poets and artists, or the perfect quiet moment for thinkers and meditators. 

Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Vancouver. The second most visited park in Vancouver (after Stanley Park) QE offers stunning views, fun activities, nature walks, fountains, a conservatory and a great place to have a picnic. Whether you live here, or are just visiting, you won’t be disappointed by the picturesque beauty of Queen Elizabeth Park.

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Frisbee Golf
There are Frisbee golf nets set up near the putting course for a little low-key, self-guided action. Frisbee golf is fun if you have the right wrist technique and is pretty easy to pickup for people of all ages.

Lawn Bowling
There is a lawn bowling club whose games are held on immaculately maintained greens. Visitors are always welcome, though the games are only open during the good weather months. Lawn bowling has an almost Zen like quality as well as being a very social sport.

Pitch and Putt
The pitch and put course offers stunning city vistas while you play a few tees. No pre-booking is necessary and the club can be rented out events. On top of that there are summer camps for the kids, tournaments and facilities for corporate events.

Tai Chi
At the top of the plaza, below the seven tai chi arbours a group of people can be found every morning swaying like reads in the wind.

18 free tennis courts are available for use in QE Park, though sometimes 18 doesn’t seem like enough. Fortunately there are rules to protect latecomers. Only thirty minutes in court if someone is waiting, other than that it’s first come first serve.

Check out the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s website at to see if any outings are planned for clear nights at Vancouver’s highest point above sea level.

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In 1949 the first tree was planted on the slopes of a quarry with the long term goal of one day planting every tree species native to Canada in Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park. Today, native and exotic trees are being added every year. Park board arborists lead tree walks several times a year to familiarize visitors with the vast array of vegetation.

Celebration Pavilion:
The pavilion is a stunning venue for weddings, civil ceremonies and get-togethers of every kind. 

Bloedel Floral Conservatory:
The giant glass dome at the top of a hefty hill in QE park is home to exotic an colourful plants, birds and koi fish. There is small entrance fee for the conservatory (3.50) and it can be booked for warm tropical weddings in the often chilly pacific northwest.

Dancing Fountains:
A beautiful water display at the plaza of the gardens.

Quarry Gardens:
The quarry gardens are breathtakingly beautiful walks where you can ooh and aw at flower beds, waterfalls, bridges and perfectly placed benches.

Artists and Painters:
Landscape painters and caricature artists set up shop at QE park to offer an outdoor gallery to visitors. All of the work displayed is on sale, it’s the perfect place for a little art shopping.

How to get there:
Queen Elizabeth Park entrance is at Cambie Street and 29th Ave. There is usually plenty of parking, or the Cambie bus has a stop right in front of the entrance.



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