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Verna Goa, a new market on the rise for real estate development

Updated on January 5, 2015

Verna is located in the south of Goa, known for its industrial area, it is a hub for commercial activities and has been growing rapidly over the years. Verna is easily accessed from Ponda, Vasco, Panjim and Margao and is the only industrial area that took off in the state.

The industrial area is expanding rapidly and many companies are manufacturing for non-stop, there is a lot of manpower requirements here and all-in-all is a thriving area for a business. Housing here was earlier limited to only the locals buying, but today real estate developers have understood the fact that companies in the industrial estate have plenty of workforce that is from outside the state that it requires to house and hence look for housing near and around the industrial areas itself.

You do have a few options to buy here as there have been new project set-up towards the Verna-Vasco road and also in the village of Verna itself. Towards Vasco you will see more of flats that are being sold and as you head towards Verna you will see row-villas and also commercial offerings in the area. Keserval is another area in Verna that is seeing plenty of development. You have a mix here of apartments and independent villas as well.

Prices in the area begin at Rs. 35000 per square meter and go to a maximum of Rs. 40000 a square meter. You have plenty of developments in the area you can choose from. Rental properties go from an average of Rs. 15000 for a two bedroom apartment.

Getting in at this stage of the market is definitely a good idea as you can benefit from early prices and look for quick returns even at a 2-3 year timeline for your investment.


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