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Villas Eastern Algarve

Updated on April 28, 2010

The Villas Eastern Algarve show a distinctive and particular characteristic design in comparison with villas in the west end of the province and the rest of the country.

The traditional Algarvian architecture has a noticeable Arab influence built in.

This of course reflects the history, basic construction necessities and the likes of the people of the region.

The traditional constructions with cultural style of the region provides architectonic variety that permits a better quality of life, meaning you would not see an Algarvian style home in Northern Europe and a house from there in the Eastern Algarve.

Not only would it not fit in this region but as well would not be efficient.

Brief Villas Description

Very pretty and environmentally fitting these villas eastern Algarve are turned to the south, with usually large widows in which shutters are kept open in the winter to have the sun naturally heat the home and in the summer they would be naturally closed up until mid-afternoon when the angle of the sun would start to create a shadow, then the shutters would be open.

Newly renovated small villa
Newly renovated small villa
Villa with canudo roof tiles
Villa with canudo roof tiles
Drying area called "Eira"
Drying area called "Eira"
Algarve chimeny with visible arab influence
Algarve chimeny with visible arab influence

Stone over stone with mortar in between, the outer walls were built with an amazing 50 to 100 cm thickness.

Hand painted high ceilings with decorative motifs gave a uniqueness to each and every villa.

They presented as well small ornamental details outside and whether the villa has a flat roof laid with traditional 15x30 cm clay tiles or long-established clay half moon “Canudo” roof tiles laid under and over on a determined angle.

This Canudo tile design is said that it comes way back from the Roman times when clay making tile workers would use his upper leg as mould to shape the still wet clay, then lay them out in the sun to dry and harden.

Usually painted “Cal” white on the main façade of the villa and a particular tone of Algarve blue around the doors and windows topped with ornamented chimneys that bring out the old traditional villa felling.

Throughout the eastern Algarve region square homes are the standard and with an added unique feature that was usually built beside the villa if it was related to some sort of agricultural activity that is called an “Eira”.

A Eira is typically a round 3 to 4 meter radius cemented area protected by a very low wall where people would dry anything harvested like figs, almonds, fava beans and the like and used as well for threshing and winnowing cereals.

This circular drying area was very crucial for the farmers at the time using the Algarvian sun that is so abundant to dry and process their harvests so they could stock up with food supplies for the year.

Secular Algarve

Assuring the richness and diversity of rural villas eastern Algarve and comparing against the so present tendency to stereotype new standard and globalized home styles that the actual picture is of an Algarve less explored but rich where secular roots still persist in this region.


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