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A visit to Dilli Haat on Dussehra – the treasure house of Rural Culture and Handicrafts of India

Updated on September 27, 2015
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Dilli Haat a Rural Market at New Delhi
Dilli Haat a Rural Market at New Delhi | Source

A pleasant day and special reason to visit Dilli Haat

It was a double holiday in India on October 13, 2013. First it was Sunday and secondly the festival –Dussehra or Dasara, also known as Vijayadashami (in Nepal it is known as Dashain). The day is celebrated as victory of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana and also triumph of Goddess Durga over the buffalo Demon Mahishasura.

The weather god was also changing its pattern. There was a relief from Delhi’s notorious scorching heat. In a day time temperature of about 28 degrees centigrade (about 82.4 degree Fahrenheit) and with cool breeze, one could not feel uncomfortable.

All this made a perfect sense to visit Dilli Haat for a change and rather than going to often visited Shopping Malls. The children also welcomed the idea.

Dilli  Haat - Open Air Theater
Dilli Haat - Open Air Theater | Source
Bioscope | Source

The concept of Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is a Delhi Tourism initiative. The novel concept is to provide an opportunity to the handicraft artisans and artists from the rural India to display their art and culture to large metro towns like Delhi. It is permanent facility with stalls and kiosks in an open air concept but the craftsmen are rotated.

These crafts persons display their merchandise and are also allowed to sell.

Location of Dilli Haat

A markerDilli Haat -
INA Colony, Sri Aurobindo Marg, Laxmi Bai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110023, India
get directions

Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi

The location and how reach there

There are two Dilli Haats, and we chose to visit one in South Delhi which is near to INA Market. It is situated on Ring Road.

By Metro

You can reach by Delhi Metro at the underground station of INA which is just next to it.

By car

If you are going in a self driven car, be ready for some struggle to find a parking slot.


Dilli Haat remains open to public seven days a week 10.30 am to 8 pm.

Cost of ticket

Rs.20/- for adult and Rs.10/- for child.

Open Air Concept of Dilli Haat
Open Air Concept of Dilli Haat | Source
Hand Made Artificial Flowers
Hand Made Artificial Flowers | Source
Engraved Wooden Furniture
Engraved Wooden Furniture | Source
Folk Paintings on Display
Folk Paintings on Display | Source
Carpets | Source
Metal Ware
Metal Ware | Source

A wide variety of products on display and sale

The products at display are many and varied from different states of India. Mostly handmade, the products could be as per the each state of India:

  • Textiles, ethnic wear, drapery and handloom

  • Decorative items (Folk paintings, artificial flowers, handicrafts)

  • Footwear (shoes, chappals, sandals)

  • Metal ware (brass, iron),

  • Carpets (silk, woolen), Durries

  • Home Furnishings (Bed covers, Runners, Cushion Covers, Foot mats)

  • Artificial & Costume Jewellery

  • Furniture (carved wood)

  • Toys

  • Local / Special Food

Ektara Vendor
Ektara Vendor | Source
Indian Textiles
Indian Textiles | Source
Engraved Wooden Items
Engraved Wooden Items | Source

What all can you do at Dilli Haat?

Besides shopping of a unique collection of silk, linen and cotton fabrics, leather items, hand made toys, furniture, jewelry, souvenirs and much more of course, you can look forward to:

  • Travel photography
  • Architecture: traditional north Indian style, with brickwork and stone roofs.
  • Landscaping : flowering shrubs and trees,in harmony with nature
  • A peep into the rural culture of India
  • Window Shopping
  • Live Cultural Performance
  • Delicious dishes from different states of India

The Magical Experience

In a busy and fast life of a modern city like Delhi, visit to this Food and Craft Bazar is a welcome change. One gets educated about the opulence and diversity of Rural India’s culture, through an array of products displayed. Equally interesting and informative is to watch and interact with the artists who come from different parts of Rural India.

DILLI HAAT simply beams you down to the delightful world of Indian art and heritage.

After spending a few hours one can enjoy the delicacies of different states.

It was a memorable day spent with the family.

Costume Jewellery
Costume Jewellery | Source

Some tips to first time visitors

You will find the items very reasonably priced. On the top of it, you may haggle and drive some good bargains.

Carry drinking water with you

Whether you are a shopaholic, or a good window shopper, the food stall are towards the end. So it would be advisable to carry some cookies, sandwiches besides water, especially if you have kids with you.

The Visitors to Dilli Haat

Not only the Indians, but also quite a few foreigners were seen around having a unique experience.

So when are you coming to Dilli Haat to experience the magic?

Foods from Different States of India
Foods from Different States of India | Source

Delhi Haat, South Delhi, Indian Crafts, Rural Handicrafts, Delhi Tourism

Foreigners at Dilli Haat
Foreigners at Dilli Haat

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