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Visit Scarborough, England

Updated on August 14, 2015
A markerScarborough -
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK
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Remains of Scarborough Castle
Remains of Scarborough Castle
Scarborough Station
Scarborough Station
The Grand Hotel 1890's
The Grand Hotel 1890's


Scarborough is located on promontory* on the East coast of England. It is situated around 20 miles south of Whitby and about 17 miles north of Bridlington.

There is evidence that the area on the clifftop has had settlements since the Stone Age. in the 1130's William le Gros, Count of Aumale. During the 1160's King Henry II rebuilt the castle in stone. It is the remains of this and its later additions that we see on the cliff top today.

Over the years the town grew around the castle and in 1253 a Royal Charter was passed allowing a Market on the Sands. This Market came to be known as Scarborough Fair.

The town continued to grow and in 1626, a stream of acidic water was discovered by Elizabeth Farrow running from one of the cliffs to the south of the town It was at this time that the Spa to the south of the town was born and Scarborough became England's first tourist resort.

In 1845 the Railway came to Scarborough bringing with it tourists from York. It was also at this time that The Gran Hotel opened.

*A rocky outcrop that in this case juts into the North Sea.

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A markerPeasholm Park -
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B markerScarborough Castle -
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C markerRotunda Museum -
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D markerScarborough sealife center -
Sealife Centre, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 6RP, UK
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Today there are lots of different attractions to keep the whole family happy.

North Shore

Peasholm Park

Sea Life Center


Scarborough Castle

South Shore


Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre

Situated just up the hill from the Harbor it is a free attraction run by volunteers.

Rotunda Museum

A small museum that houses a wealth of history. The Rotunda was Originally opened in 1829 by Geologist William Smith. There is a great Dinosaur Exhibition as well as a wealth of other fossils that have been found locally.


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