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Visit to China

Updated on November 28, 2014

Visit To China

Visit to China Part-1

China current life

China is a very special and biggest country of Asia which attracts the interest of many People of Western and European countries. For many years, china became a mysterious country the world due to the vast Chinese culture. The huge Chinese traditional culture and the special Chinese society today make china an especially interested Country. The current Chinese society is undergoing big revolution in very short period. Due to this reasons, there causes many severe problems. The First one is the big Chinese population that is a great challenge before the Chinese Government. Some of others i.e. the rise of the middle classes, the imbalance of wealth, aging population, Environmental pollution and sex imbalance.

Youth People's Worries

Now a day, youth are more focused on Mobile-Phone and want to buy their first car. Most of them are worried about unemployment and want to get well paid jobs. Today, the graduates are keeping entry-level office salaries low and many worry about how they will ever be able to afford utilities at home. Last summer, China had to provide opportunities of jobs for nearly 5 million graduates. Now, this summer, 5.6 million more are getting ready to move out of dormitories and into the job market. Often these graduates of colleges and vocational schools have high expectations that are not being met despite soaring economic growth but unfortunately now there are more graduates than jobs in China.

Chinese Style of Crossing Road

Chinese style of crossing the road is "crossing the road when there are a handful of people, regardless of the traffic lights", The main reason of this act is that the people are affected by the thought of "following the herd", so they are regardless of the traffic safety. Many people neglect the red light and cross the road with the crowd regardless of traffic rules, leading to potential safety threat and high possibility in accidents. This is a danger warning sign not only for the public to but also for traffic control department. To improve the intensity and to penalize those who violate the traffic rules. I think this action could be managed in a better manner.

Getting A Driving License

Driving and car ownership have taken off in China. Last year, the country added nearly 18 million drivers. There is so much demand for licenses that you had to wait a month for the first available testing date sometimes. There were 100 questions drawn from a pool of nearly 1,000. You had to get 90 correct to pass. The Chinese driver's test is not easy. For one thing, it requires a ton of memorization. Consider this yes or no question, taken verbatim from a test. The other reason the test is difficult is some of the questions are well challenging. It is also not easy to pass it and some people tried for many times and some others just choose to give up directly. And if you are a foreigners, you must also have a Chinese license to drive in China, but you can imagine, it's even so hard for Chinese, let alone for Foreigners.

China Map


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