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Visiting Honduras is Place to Vacation

Updated on April 21, 2011

When I came to paradise

Visiting this country has been the best thing that I have done. First when you arrive at airplane and the airline attendant was so nice to me. She served me twice on the food before I had arrived and brought me my laptop that was stored above my seat. I had a recent ankle operation and I was not able to walk very well so as I was coming down the plane another attendant arrived at the platform with a wheel chair. I was wheeled into the airport where 2 gentlemen helped me with my luggage well as you know !How women are about taking everything. I had about 6 suitcases I had to pay to bring the other 3 but I brought them all with me. Took 5 hour long drive to get to the small town called San Luis, Comayagua, I felt like a trip to Great America Rides, Up and Down swing to left swing to right it was a show I was holding my face I didn’t want to see if I would fall off a cliff. And when I finally arrived it was night fall,was not able to see much actually nothing.

The next morning you can smell the freshness of the flowers surarounding the little house which was made of Mud blocks and plastered with Cal powder to keep all the crawlers off. I had my husbands family that lives in town and that's how I arrived there. But when I open the balcony doors of the room and suddenly.I was in awe of the place. Feeling the soft breeze pass by my face with a smell of fresh mountain flowers. You can see as far off the mountains in the mist, with the birds chirping I felt so revitalize, I thought I was in a dream. Stress, what stress! it was gone with that sight it had disappeared.

My husband brought me coffee freshly brewed it tasted delicious. Later my husband had explained it had come from our land, our coffee plantation.

Every where I went was calm and enjoying. We went the small shops around town and I must admit they practically had every thing that store would have of course it not like Walmart or Cosco's. Small and the store owner brings the things to you, you don't go and take them to buy. All if not most is natural food no cans no processed food. All the meat I saw came directly from a cow the milk is brought by liter it is less than $0.50 cents. Cereal is the same price than in the States but mostly everything can be found here. I have been trying to lose weight for the past 2 years and I came here and lost 15lbs on just natural foods and the climate is a dream being here I was suprise that their average temperature was at 81 - 89 Fahrenheit. December thru March. Most of all the people I met I took picture of they were great people, where ever my husband and I went to a house at all times we were offered coffee and cookies. Or a meal if it was lunch the people would offer, it was dinner it was offered to us.

Surprising I had no problems with insects no mosquitos, no ticks, no spiders. I had taken 6 bottles of repellent and I would use them any ways most of time I would forget. There was a time that we went to the river and I was so exited of the whole thing.My husband would look at me and just smile. When I got there, but for grace of God I had dressed like I was camping in a heavy woody area. I went with a 2 t-shirt and pair of jeans, leather boots with socks. Meanwhile everyone else was taking off their clothes swimming in shorts or Bermudas’. I was reassuring myself I would not have any openings in my clothes. To get in, I don’t know about you guys? But I have seen a couple of discovery channel shows about parasites’ that when I arrived it was a beautiful river with plenty sand on sides and river rocks on the edge of all sorts and color. But for some reason I kept thinking of that show. I tell you what! I was the only one there with fully dressed and boots to match, swimming in the river. And of course nothing happened at the end.I didn't get no leaches or parasites. At the end of day my husband an I sat to watch a spectacular sunset. I am very happy with this small town people are nice treat with respect. Small town with dirt roads and with a population of 1967 has very picturesque Little town with a lot of heart.

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San Luis Comayagua Honduras


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