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Visiting Croatia

Updated on July 23, 2013
Bol city center
Bol city center

A paradise on the isle

More than any other European travel destination, Croatia is now favored for the beauty of the landscapes, the sea, and relatively low prices.

Last year I went to a place called Bol. Bol is a city on the island of Brac opposite the city of Split that houses a big airport. Well, you need to take a boat to get to Bol from Split. Situated on the seashore, it has an ancient and nice-looking city center, with a site upon the sea on the one hand and the site of high mountains on the other. Everything is equipped for the tourism, and the citizens are very welcoming and friendly. There are tourist agencies, where the workers speak English, a bank, multiple hotels, buses that go across the island.

Morning mist over the sea
Morning mist over the sea
On the beach
On the beach
To solve the bed and breakfast problem, you can stay in a hotel or rent an apartment
To solve the bed and breakfast problem, you can stay in a hotel or rent an apartment
Pine trees and the air of the Adriatic Sea are good for health
Pine trees and the air of the Adriatic Sea are good for health

Your little guide

Where to sleep

You can rent a room in a hotel or rent an apartment, or even do some camping.

Where to eat

There are restaurants here and there in the city. Some would offer some freshly caught fish. There are supermarkets, also.

What to do

You can go to the beach and find plenty of activities there – for you, and for your children. You can swim in the sea, do some surfing, take a ride in a boat, take a flight in a seaplane, play games on the beach, do some diving or just get tanned. There are things to do! There are many bicycle riders on the isle and you also can rent a bike and go around the isle. There are caves to explore. There are monuments to see. There are waterfalls to visit. You can do some shopping and get some nice souvenirs from Croatia. Ceramics is very popular, and to decorate your home, you can buy the music of wind to hang at the entrance. Or any other nice handmade ceramic souvenir. Also, you can get original olive oil made of local olives, or rose oil for aroma therapy, or a necklace made of the local gemstones. If you love music, you can get a CD with recorded traditional songs of Croatia. You can also learn some of the local language while watching TV. Or take a walk around the city center and make some nice pictures. Be sure, they will look like postcards! You can also visit the Dominican Monastery if you are kin on museums.


Well, there is one thing about the isle you might not know, and this might surprise or even shock you if you come across it. But there are nudist beaches on the isle. However, they are marked by special signs. And if you feel uncomfortable about it, just don't go there.

Enjoy your trip to Croatia!

Bol city center
Bol city center

What countries of Eastern Europe have you gone to on a vacation?

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    • avorodisa profile image

      Anna Sidorova 6 years ago from Russia

      Thank you for sharing your experience and your plans!

    • smanty profile image

      smanty 6 years ago

      Great Hub! I like the "Beware" part :) I've actually never been anywhere around Europe. I have been to Peru once and have been all around the US and Canada. I plan on Studying abroad some time in the future, but we will see. There are a ton of research opportunities out in Europe and northern Africa.