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Visiting Montenegro - Things to know before a Montenegro Vacation

Updated on December 14, 2009

A Montenegro Vacation - full of discovery

Montenegro is just waiting to be explored.  It is up and coming on the radar of tourists, and perhaps making rounds with backpackers and other holiday makers. It hasn't yet reached the major tourist appeal of Greece, but likely has the nearly as much culture and glorious beach appeal as Greece has.

For any vacation to a new country, it is essential to gain an understanding of the country to fully appreciate your vacation - at least for those people who like to do more than relax and enjoy the sun.

A brief history

Montenegro was the feature country during the James Bond movie Casiono Royal. While watching this film with a friend, he rambled on about how great the country was. For these reasons Montenegro piqued my interest. Ironically however, Casiono Royal was filmed in the Chez Republic.. though that did not stop me from searching and learning more about the country. I would love to visit, perhaps stay a while. Maybe open up a B&B there, or maybe a hostel?

Montenegro is a country which can be found in Southeastern Europe. The name "Montenegro" means "Black Mountain" in English. It is bordered by Herzegovina and Bosnia to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Albania on the south, and Crotia to the west. The current capital city, as well as largest city, is Podgorica. However, the city of Cetinje is the former Royal Capital city - known as the Prijestonica.

From 1918 onward to their referendum in 2006, Montenegro has been through many incarnations of Yugoslavia. Due to the referendum of May 21, 2006, Montenegro declared their independance on June 28, 2006. With this independance, it became the 192nd member state of the United Nations. Nearly a year later, on May 11 2007, it became the 47th member state of the Council of Europe. Right now Montenegro is working on gaining EU candidate status.

The Beauty of Montenegro

Montenegro - Waiting to be discovered
Montenegro - Waiting to be discovered

Flags and Nationalal Days

On July 13, 2004, Montenegro adopted a new official flag. This flag is based on the royal standard of King Nikola I of Montenegro.

July 13 is the national day of Montenegro. It marks the date in 1878 when Montenegro was recognised as the 27th independent state in the world by the Congress of Berlin. July 13 was also the start of one of the first popular uprisings in Europe against the Axis Powers, in 19141.

The makeup of Montenegro

In the 2003 census, Montenegro had a population of 620 000 citizens. Of this population, as of 2004, about 43% are Montenegrins and 32% are Serbs. The remaining population is made of of Bosniaks, Albanians, Ethnic Muslims, Croats, Roma, Ygoslavs and others. The language most spoken is Serbian with 63% of the people speaking it. However, 22% speak Montenegrin. Interestingly, the Montenegrin language (a variant or dialect of the Serbian language) is a new idea, and has only been promoted to the public since 2004, however the movement began in 1993.


Montenegro is well suited for development of all kinds of tourism, as it has both a picturesque coast and a mountainous northern region. The country was a well-known tourist spot in the 1980s, yet, the Yugoslav wars that were fought in neighbouring countries during the 1990s crippled the tourist industry and destroyed the image of Montenegro as a tourist destination.

It was not until 2000s that the tourism industry began to recover, and the country has since experienced a high rate of growth in the number of tourist visits and overnight stays.

Take a visit to Lake Scutari, and the National Park, and see one of the largest bird reserves in Europe. Or visit Boka Kotorska, possibly one of the most beautifull bays in Europe, which has historic old towns along the coast. Including the town of Kotor- a Unesco World Heritage site. You could also visit Tara canyon, the second largest canyon after the Grand Canyon.

Try to find some local Grape Brandy, and enjoy with the local cheeses njeguški or pljevaljski.


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    • Shinkicker profile image

      Shinkicker 3 years ago from Scotland

      Now is the time to visit Montenegro before it becomes too commercialised. Entry ito the EU would help it develop and it certainly needs to modernise to become a top tourist destination.

      I visited Kotor and Budva and was really impressed.

      Nice hub

    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 5 years ago from The High Seas

      Just discovered this country, looks stunning.

    • sligobay profile image

      sligobay 6 years ago from east of the equator

      Great introduction to a tiny country in a perfect location. Thank you.

    • ForTheInterim profile image

      ForTheInterim 8 years ago from Montreal

      Thanks so much for the information! I really do hope to visit soon - before mass tourism plagues the beaches and takes away from the tranquility of the coutry.

    • profile image

      Pierre 8 years ago

      Montenegro is indeed one of a kind, and it is now a perfect time to go visit this country, as I am afraid that it will be invaded by mass tourism within the next twenty years (I just red about a massive tourism development that is planned around Tivat in the Kotor Bay, reminded me a bit of the concrete Spanish riviera's !!). But this country is very nice, lots of sun, good food, nice people, low prices. We always make a reservation of an apartment (or last year also a bed & breakfast), which is a really nice way to travel on a light budget and get to know some local people. There are not a lot of agencies that do bookings of private accommodation in Montenegro, but we've found one which is very good (and good service as well), it is called GloBalkan, and it is a Belgian agency (their site unfortunately is only in French and Dutch so far, so for the English-speaking might be a bit of a hassle though, although some of their staff members do speak English). Their website is By the way, ask for last-minutes if you go out of season, they might have a nice bargain for you :). Well, see you there maybe ?? We're going a week to the bay of Kotor and then one week to the Durmitor National park next July. Grtz.