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Visiting Vermont: Skyline Drive to the top of Mount Equinox

Updated on September 10, 2014
Skyline Drive in Southeastern Vermont
Skyline Drive in Southeastern Vermont | Source

Born and Raised Vemonter

I was born and raised in Vermont and I completed both my undergraduate degree as well as my graduate degree at Vermont Colleges. I am a Vermonter. My fiancé, my pup and I moved to the Midwest a few years ago for work and oh boy! We were not prepared for the culture shock! There is booming commerce, plenty of jobs to go around, cheaper housing, cheaper products, the big city life of Chicago and Milwaukee and shopping malls everywhere. Along with that there are tons of people, awful traffic, smog, funny smells, big corporations, processed EVERYTHING and a tighter grip on what people can and cannot do in their city. Long story short: I appreciate my little state more and more as I live in the Midwest.

Mount Equinox Toll Road
Mount Equinox Toll Road | Source

Visiting Home

About a week ago we went back to visit family and friends in Vermont. We usually plan a visit around the holidays, so a trip at the end of June was perfect. When people ask me when they should visit the green mountain state, although most will say autumn, I always recommend the end of June. Summer in New England is just like something you would read in a book, and I guarantee you it has the same families, the same morals and the same favorite swimming holes as the book.

I carved out one day where I decided to drive around and be a ‘tourist’. One of the things that I used to drive by every day on my commute was the Mount Equinox Toll Road. I knew that it went to the top; I had heard it was amazing and I was told that it was something that even locals could enjoy. So I hopped in the car and after visiting a favorite swimming hole (Dorset Quarry) and checking out the foggy scenes at the Hildene walking path, I ended up at the Mount Equinox Skyline Drive.

Clouds Rolling In

The lighting changed at every stop up the mountain

A view of the Vermont Mountain
A view of the Vermont Mountain | Source

It was super quiet, visibility was very limited and it was just the mountain and me while we were both trapped in fog. As I continued to make my way down, I noticed that it all looked a little different. I suppose that is because on the way up I saw mostly the hood on the car, whereas on the way down I could see everything!.

Vermont Mountains are not just for skiing
Vermont Mountains are not just for skiing | Source

Although most people would have turned around due to fog, I jumped at the opportunity. You can see the fog just hovering around the mountain, sitting heavily at the summit.

If you visit Vermont, be sure to stop in and check out the Skyline Drive to the Top of Mount Equinox. You can find our more information on their website. It is located on the Historic VT Route 7A between the towns of Manchester and Arlington.

Mount Equinox Toll Road: Skyline Drive


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