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What is the Czech Republic like?

Updated on December 15, 2010

The beautiful city of Prague, in the country Czech Republic is located in central Europe, South East of Germany which is known for its culture, architect and history. There is such a lot of sight seeing to do and fine wining and dining. For all you beer lovers out there you can even buy a pint for less than a pound. For whatever your reasons for travelling to Prague, business trip, stag or hen do's or a weekend trip with loved ones, Prague is one city worth seeing.

The main city of Prague is fantastic for walking around and taking in all the delights it has to offer. Visit the historic district where you will find an amazement of architecture and skill. The Old Town Square is scattered with restaurants and shops where you will pick up some great bargains to take home with you. Prague Castle and Charles Bridge are some more wonders of Prague which need to be visited to really appreciate the city.

While enjoying your trip, try and make time to go to the opera and seeing some of the finest opera houses in Europe or you can go to the stunning concert halls and churches. If that's not your kind of fun, then you can sample the many pubs, nightclubs and restaurants, they have a huge variety of British, American, Czech and Irish bars, so something to suit all.

You can venture outside of Prague and take a trip to Ceske Budejovice, a famous "brewing" town and also Cesky Krumlov, a famous UNESCO heritage site but these should ideally be taken as a guided tour or supervised trip. The areas surrounding Prague, although picturesque and worthwhile visiting, are very under developed and going alone could prove quite difficult.

When travelling to Prague you will need to arrange to take the local money which is the Czech Koruna, this is available everywhere and you can purchase this before travelling, try and avoid the airport bureau de change though as you maybe wont get as much for your money as opposed to purchasing in your local town. The price of things in Prague is pure value for money, like I said previously you can buy a pint of beer for less than a pound and to go for a meal you can look at around 10 pound.

The Accommodation and hotels in Prague are like the majority of other countries, you have hotels in very central city locations and gradually spreading out to the outskirts. The prices of the hotels will vary according to the location and quality of the hotel but again, they are very reasonably priced.

These are just a few handy tips and tricks to take with you if you are looking at travelling to Prague, sometime in the near future, but as an overall, Prague is such a great place to take a short city break to, great for walking and soaking up the history and architecture which is just pure brilliance.


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    • tastiger04 profile image

      tastiger04 4 years ago

      Great review of Prague! It remains one of my favorite cities and I can't wait to return :) Thanks for writing a fantastic hub! :) voted up