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WINTER WARNING: Blizzard Conditions - Snowmagedon Takes Over Seattle - 1/17/2012

Updated on January 17, 2012
Brrrr! | Source

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

You know how it goes... the weather being all frightful that most Seattlites are huddling close to their delightful heaters and fire warmth hearths. Not that that is something unusual. We're pretty used to snow and cold weather this time of year. The problem (or not a problem at all for those of us who love the snow!) is that we've already surpassed that average 5.9 inches or less that Seattle gets. Here in north Seattle, it's already up to a 12 inches (1 foot), and the farther north you go the deeper it gets. For those in other parts of Seattle, the levels are varied at the moment, but local meteorologist are predicting AT LEAST 5 more inches for everyone, and up to 14.5 more inches for a large majority by wensday evening, and who knows whats coming by Thursday or Friday. Conditions are predicted to be worse then we've seen in at least two years, and it's definitely a recording breaking year for the amount of snow Seattle has gotten in a 48 hour stretch.

The Worst Snow Storm in 10 Years!

Komo New's Scott Sistek says, "“I think everyone has written off Wednesday around here, we’ll see how Thursday goes.”

And he's pretty much right. Anyone who's been in Seattle for ten years or more, knows that when it snows, you might as well call in and clear your schedule. Your days are better spent trying to keep warm or just going out and letting your inner child have some good ole snowy fun.

According to ABCNews, the last time we had this much snow was in the 1965's when Seattle received 14.9 inches, though more people freaked out in 1969 with 30.9 inches (almost 6 feet!) and 1972 when 9.8 inches threatened to topple trees and take out power lines. The worst it's ever been was 36 inches (6 feet!), but that hasn't happened since 1880, over 100 years ago. Amazing that it's ever been that bad, and yet Seattlites are disturbed when we get less than 6 inches these days. Of course, in 1880, there weren't bus accidents, school closers or power lines...

Prepare Yourself! Snowmagedon is here, and it could soon become Slushmagedon!

"With the possibility of significant snowfall, we are urging residents to be prepared," Mayor Mike McGinn said in a statement.

Aside from Seattle mayor, media outlets and weather specialists all over Washington are predicted a major impact from the storm, and have even labeled it a "Mega" sort which citizens have colloquially started called "Snowmagedon". Though mayor McGinn is more concerned with it becoming Icemagedon or Slushmagedon once the rain hits. It's an understandable concern, especially since it's dangerous, but also because it's lost many previous mayors their jobs.

10 Things You Should Do Right Now! (If you're in Seattle)

  1. Call in from work, clear your schedule and plan on keeping the kids home for at least a day
  2. Put on your snow chains, or purchase some if you have already
  3. Buy EXTRA gloves (something always happens to the pair you wear and your spare, so get a few extra just to be prepared. Plus you never know when someone else may need to borrow a pair.)
  4. Cover your pipes and spigets. We've been fine in terms of temperature all year, so if you haven't covered your pipes yet, that's understandable, but make sure you do it know, otherwise you could develop frozen pipes which can ruin your plumbing and potentially flood your house, which is soooo not cool in the winter.
  5. Get some rock salt or rock pellets and scatter them on your walkways and driveways to avoid any personal injuries.
  6. Check the coolant/anti-freeze level in your vehicle and make sure it's properly filled. The last thing you need is to loose a soft plug or worse, crack your engine block.
  7. Shovel, scoop, sweep and knock down any snow on canopies, roofs, large tree branches and anything else that could potentially collapse or cause other issues. I've personally already lost one canopy to the snow, and seen much worse. Be proactive and help your supportive structures lose some of their winter weight.
  8. Buy a sled before they are sold out (if you don't already have one) and go sledding!
  9. Stock up on hot cocoa and those cute mini marshmellows
  10. Go build a snow man! I mean really, we don't usually get enough go thick snow to build proper snow people, so go build a snow family!


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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      I agree, we always need to be prepared;here in Wales we do not have heavy snow very often and last year was probably the worst for about 30 years.

      You have shared some great tips here;

      Take care and enjoy your day.