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Want to take your pet on holiday? Go self catering in the UK

Updated on May 29, 2010

Dog Friendly

If you’ve got a dog, you’ll know that it’s one of the family, and as such you don’t want to leave him or her behind when you go on holiday. Fortunately for us all, our pets can come with us when staying in a whole host of cottages and holiday parks around Britain

Take your dog - a holiday cottage for the family

Tkae your pet on holiday and enjoy those nice long walks together
Tkae your pet on holiday and enjoy those nice long walks together

Take your dog on holiday

When planning your holiday, you want to be sure that you can take your dog with you; after all it’s one of the family, so the last thing you want to happen is for your beloved pet to be left behind. Well, this isn’t a problem should you choose to take your holiday in the UK.

You’ll find thousands of cottages which allow you to take your pet, from the sandy beaches of southern Cornwall to the rocky crags of the Scottish highlands – whatever type of holiday cottage you are looking for, in whatever location; you will be able to find a pet friendly holiday accommodation so your pet can travel too.

Pets will love it

Your pet will love the holiday too. If you stay in a holiday cottage tucked away on the coast, your dog can go for that early morning walk by the sea. What better way for you both to start the day – you can get some fresh sea air, while your dog can enjoy a refreshing paddle. Of course, if you’re feeling brave, you too can venture in for a paddle or swim. This maybe fantastic in the middle of August, but might well be a tad nippy should you opt for a break in the winter months. A paddle in the North Sea in January will definitely wake you up – although you may lose the feeling in your legs after a minute or two...

Find your pet friendly cottage

Want a list of many of the pet friendly cottages available in the UK? OK then, here you go: have a look at one of these pet friendly holiday cottages, and see whether you can find a cottage which suits your needs.


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