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Weather Patterns In Austin, Texas

Updated on January 18, 2014

Texas Hill Country Overflow

2009 to 2010

The Texas Hill Country was in a severe drought for most of 2009. Lake Travis was reduced to 50% full. Sometime in late August, it began to rain every few days. El Nino moved in and the rains began. There were some downpours, but the majority of the rain was spread over months. Eventually, the lakes refilled and nature began to recuperate from the two years without significant rainfall.

It seems that this year is following a similar pattern. We began this season of Fall rain in early September with a Tropical Storm and added to our supply of rain with a Hurricane in Mexico that sent massive thunderstorms to the Texas Hill Country. Lake Travis went from 78% full to 85% full in a short time. Like 2009, it has been raining every few days.

There were several August days in 2010 where summer storms developed during the afternoon heat. This kept our area from the dryness usually experienced during the summer months. Though temperatures were hot in August, the afternoon cooling from the thunderstorms kept the heat to a tolerable level. Lake levels stayed above normal through the hot months of 2010.

Park Flooding

Some Differences

We do not have a rain deficiency this year. The Spring of 2010 produced enough showers to fill the lake completely. We began the summer with a full lake. Lake Travis was only half full last summer.

The rain showers of 2009 did not create flood situations. The rain soaked into the ground and refilled the water tables and lakes. This year has produced extreme rains. The hurricane in Mexico sent torrential rains to the area and produced floods around Austin. The ground was already moist and could only absorb a small amount of water. The excess rain filled streets and some creeks to overflowing!

The 2009 Fall trees were extremely colorful and lasted for weeks because of continued mild weather and rain showers every few days. Because of the excess rain this year, I wonder how colorful our Fall foliage will be! Any guesses from the readers?

Though I remember the rain from last year, I don't remember many cool fronts. The rains kept our weather mild, but not particularly cool. This year, 2010, we are having some cool weather in September. Lows will be in the 50's and 60's this week with highs in the low 80's. Isn't that why we live in Texas?

Texas Hill Country Colorful Fall Trees In The Deep South

I have my eye on the storms brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. It sounds like it will be an interesting Hurricane season this year. Does it mean more rain for our area? I am expectant that the colors of Fall will appear soon in our area! Can the colorful trees surpass last year's display in the Texas Hill Country?


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