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Welcome to the dark days of travelling

Updated on May 8, 2013

Are we all terrorists?

During the last 12 months, I was appalled to learn how we all become "suspected terrorists" in our own country. I have been reading the amount of complaints by people going through security checks in airports. Have we lost our civil liberties when it comes to security checks? Recently in the news around the world, a parent posted a video of her six year old being pat-down by TSA regardless of the body scan taken. The mother constantly taught her child never to let anyone touch you inappropriately. So when the child was frisked and groped inappropriately, how does the child feel? Confused, terrified and unsure of this action. The little girl was confused and started crying thinking she had done something wrong. These searches are so inappropriate for children. Have there ever been a child terrorists in airports? No !!!

In a statement from the TSA, the officer was following appropriate procedures, however, they will review their screening policies and "move towards all size fits all policies" .

Regardless whether you're a child or an adult, I certainly would not like to be groped and pat down as this is considered sexual assault. It's quite invasive for my liking.

If you go through the body scanner, there is no need to have these pat downs. Although you have no right to refuse as the TSA will cause trouble for you. The body scanner has radiation so what choice do you have. This of course has been organised by the "Globalists" New World Order controlling our lives.

There's a startling fact about the TSA pat-downs that you have not realized. The TSA agents often do not change their latex gloves between pat-down and these pat-down that are reaching into your pants, feeling your genitals, and sweeping bare armpits and buttocks, being worn by the TSA agents are riddle with germs.

TSA often using the same gloves on you and your crotch as they were using on the previous passenger's exploratory crotch feel. This means, that the TSA is engaged in risky and unhealthy behavior that could spread sexually-transmitted disease, cold viruses, skin fungi (such as ringworm), and contribute to a pandemic outbreak. While the TSA claims to be protecting your safety, they could be infecting you with pandemic disease at the same time.

Please read more about body scanners from this website:

Grubby TSA in action
Grubby TSA in action

The TSA may be ignorant to think that wearing a pair of gloves protects everyone from germs, but the reality is the gloves only protect the TSA agent from germs, not YOU! The gloves may be harboring germs, fungal infections and even sexually-transmitted diseases.

This gives us the reason to stand up against Big Brother tyranny at airport security checkpoints. TSA agents are not only violating your Constitutional protections against unreasonable searches they are subjecting you to diseases and spreading pandemics that could threaten your health safety.

Have there been any terrorists caught since this stricter security search been introduced?

NO !

My advice: BOYCOTT travelling and watch this policy go!!


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