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West Jet Seat Sale

Updated on July 23, 2018
Westjet Seat Sale to the Bahamas
Westjet Seat Sale to the Bahamas | Source

West Jet Seat Sale!

Westjet Airlines offers some amazing travel discounts that they call Westjet Seat Sales. These offers are delivered right to your inbox via email on a fairly frequent basis and offer a variety of types of deals with varying levels of discount.

To make yourself eligible for West Jet Seat Sales, sign up on their website and you will receive email reminders notifying you of deals.

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Landing in Ft Lauderdale, FloridaEnroute to Halifax with Westjet TravelWest Jet Seat Sale o St. Johns Newfoundland for $69Westjet Seat Sale bringing me home to TorontoWest Jet 737West Jet Seat Sale to the Bahamas
Landing in Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Landing in Ft Lauderdale, Florida | Source
Enroute to Halifax with Westjet Travel
Enroute to Halifax with Westjet Travel | Source
West Jet Seat Sale o St. Johns Newfoundland for $69
West Jet Seat Sale o St. Johns Newfoundland for $69 | Source
Westjet Seat Sale bringing me home to Toronto
Westjet Seat Sale bringing me home to Toronto | Source
West Jet 737
West Jet 737 | Source
West Jet Seat Sale to the Bahamas
West Jet Seat Sale to the Bahamas | Source

Types of deals?

West jet seat sales come in a variety of offers. Ranging from a straight forward % discount to travel packages.

The most frequent offers are of varying percentage most frequently in the 10-50% discount range. However there are occasionally offers of 60, 70 and even 80% off. I have made quite a few seat sales into some pretty adventurous weekend getaways. Most of the higher percentage offers require travel on certain days of the week, usually midweek, but it is worth making yourself available to receive these bargains.

The travel packages include flight and hotel and the airline is able to offer deals by bulking together these packages.

Why choose West Jet?

  • · Funny and Courteous Staff
  • · Accommodating policies
  • · New quiet aircraft
  • · Great in-flight entertainment
  • · Delicious Meal and Snack options
  • · ...and of course the Westjet Seat Sales!

Rockie Mountains from Westjet 737 to Vancouver
Rockie Mountains from Westjet 737 to Vancouver | Source

Friendly and Courteous Staff

West jet goes the extra mile (or Air-mile as it were) to make sure you are a happy customer. They greet you with a smile, view your ID at check-in and address you by name. The stewards and stewardesses are very friendly and always crack a few jokes during some of the monotonous regulation require safety reviews. This makes you pay attention and helps you remember some of the important points. It is important to note that West jet seat sale passengers are treated just as any other regular passenger. West jet is not a "budget" airline, in fact West jet is considered to be one of the better airlines and as such you are actually getting a deal with a West jet seat sale, not just cheap airfare.

How is West jet accommodating?

West jet provides you with multiple ways to check in such as online, at a remote kiosk without waiting in line, or at the standard check-in counter. If you miss your flight or need to change to an earlier one they will help move you to a new flight and it usually only costs $50. West jet also allows you to carry on two pieces of luggage for free in addition to your checked baggage, this benefit is eligible for west jet seat sale passengers as well.


West jet uses Boeing 737 aircraft many of which are very new and impressively quiet. West jet airlines are able to offer superb pricing because they use this aircraft in various models to meet all their routes and allows them to simplify their supply chain management and maintenance. Westjet Q400's will soon be appearing as West jet have recently ordered a number of new Bombardier Q400 aircraft. These aircraft are also incredibly quiet and quick. So with this in mind you are definitely getting a high quality flight with your West Jet Seat Sale.

West Jet Seat Sale Sunset
West Jet Seat Sale Sunset | Source

In-flight entertainment

Westjet 737's have a built in satellite entertainment system. This system allows you to bring your own headphones or buy some on the flight and watch satellite TV from a variety of sources. This system also allows you to buy movies by credit card. The system is pretty effective and I personally haven't had issues on my flights.

Delicious Airplane Food

Not a phrase you would usually hear, I know. West jet Seat Sales don't come with a meal but they do come with a complimentary cookie or Bits and Bites. Soft drinks, juice and water are also complimentary. If you are looking for something more substantial the flights offers sandwiches from well know restaurants such as Montana’s, as well as delicious variety packs which I highly recommend. These variety packs contain such goodies as beef jerky, humus and pita chips, crackers and cheese spread etc.

I hope you enjoyed this summary of West Jet Seat Sales.

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West Jet Seat Sale Comments - What have your experiences been?

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    • profile image

      Andy Choi 

      7 years ago

      I always wondered when will there be a westjet seat sale soon. Now I have signed up for westjet seat sale email notifications. Thanks.


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