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What Is Five Times Larger Than The Titanic?

Updated on March 5, 2010
The town of Oasis
The town of Oasis

 What has 8600 people when long as five A380 Airbus long as four footbal fields (400 yds)...contains 24 restaurants...has its own "Central Park"...five times the size of the mighty Titanic...requires 700 tons of supplies typically..80,000 bottles of beer...has two rock climbing walls...a small ocean of its own so people can surf...???

The Oasis cruise line ship that sails on weekly cruises from Florida. It is the world's largest ship ever and its own statistics are also mind boggling. Owned by the Royal Caribbean Cruise line, it carries more people than are in many smaller US towns! Those wanting to sail in this floating city or town can book a  two story loft suite for $3200 or the modest inside cabin for $1500.

The downside of a ship this size is that it can only dock at a few ports, so much of the time is spent aboard the town. The ship also has its own seaworld like marina, and cleaning, laundry and repairs are a 24\7 job. Merely washing the windows ( 86,000 sq. feet) requires a crew of over 24 and 18 robots. Laundry is ongoing with some 20,000 pieces of linen being washed daily. The ship's entertainers contain over 200 people. Its medical staff includes three doctors. Simply preparing the food is a nightmare of coordination between the 26 kitchens.

When the ship docks at its Florida board once a week, it reloads its food supplies carried in by trucks which then unload the food onto 750 pallets. Although the ship weighs over 225,000 tons, its three propellers  can rotate 360 degrees make it very maneuverable.   


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